Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The remainder of the week...

First, I want you to know Miss Victoria thanks you very much for your prayers on her behalf.  She is completely back to normal.  I have already stepped on her tail once as she followed me around in the kitchen while I cooked and "talked" to me about some very important kitty problem.

She has gotten into trouble a few times and her youngest human (the twenty year old whom she thinks she owns) has had to tell us... as if he was talking about a toddler... "You have got to discipline THAT cat!".  Yes, Victoria is back to her colorful and curious self.  :)

I'm in the midst of family stuff as my brother-in-law's funeral will be taking place (delayed due to bad weather preventing their youngest daughter to arrive), we're getting used to a new University schedule, and I have a couple of appointments this week.

I thought it a good time to re-post some of my old Recession Ponderings posts (try saying that three times quickly).  This is a series of five posts I wrote in March, 2008 while we were in the midst of the national economic crisis.  While I hear nationally some economic forecasts are getting better, I don't see it as much where I live.

The first re-post should have preceded this one by just a moment or so.  There will be one re-post each day through Saturday.  I'm here and reading, just allowing these to re-post each day until I write again on Sunday.  :)

I have two recent comments about favorite books that I haven't "published", yet.  Only because I need to write down the favorites.  Then they will join the others.  If you have a recent favorite that makes you feel all warm and cozy (title or author), then you can leave a comment on this post.  It won't be published right away but it will be here for me to copy as I type out the Recommendations list... on the dining room table with the laptop.  :)

Yes, that means it should be ready to go next week.  I'm giving up on the perfect, the ideal I wanted it to look like which is only possible if I typed it into Word first.  We don't have the desktop back.  Instead, it will get typed and published right away.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Victoria is getting better...if they have energy to get into things, that is usually a good sign!! At least with dogs it is...I have little cat experience. Glad things look good for her (and you).
Blessings, Elizabeth

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries™ said...

Hello Dear Brenda!
I so enjoy visiting your blog and reading your thoughts and observations. I've been catching up on your posts and images and must tell you how I'm enjoying the peeks inside your cupboards and drawers! You are amazing and I sure could use your organizational skills at my house!! My cup(boards) runneth over and you seem to have the knack for combining order with charm! Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. It is so valuable.
I will keep you and your family in my prayers this week as you go through the necessary steps of saying goodbye.
God bless you my kind friend.


P.S. Sooo happy that Victoria is all mended...she is so darling...looks a bit like my Zoey.