Thursday, January 21, 2010

Doom and gloom and misery... or is it just winter and no Christmas?

Okay, you know I am usually upbeat and offering as many faith filled words as I can but this weather has me ready to head SOUTH. A week of ice fog was bad enough but the freezing rain of the past couple of days has left me in need of warmth and light. 

Hubby is wrapping up his last couple of days of work at the bookstore (he works the beginning and end of semesters) and I'd planned to drop him off this morning for a much needed trip to the grocery store.  When I realized even the grass was too icy to walk on, I went back in the house to try again tomorrow. 

Victoria is in a snit because I had to give her a sample bag of kitty kibble the vet had sent home when she was sick.  Miss Victoria has let me know with a turned up nose and quite vocal complaining that she does not take kindly to a change in diet. 

Sigh, I must admit my annoyance at the weather is showing as I reminded her I am out of coffee and at least she has some kind of kibble but she disappeared in a fluff of fur to sleep away her unhappiness.  Perhaps dogs truly are man's best friend and cats just rule.

I have books to read, posts to write, and projects to finish (and photograph when the sun is shining).  I owe many of you e-mails.  My pile of laundry is now growing on its' own... out of the hamper... and down the hallway.  Blame it all on the weather and antibiotics... and the forecast offers no hope of sun or warmth. 

Yes... that is it.  I want meant to hibernate this time of year.


Vee said...

When everything looks bleak, I remember that "This, too, shall pass." But really, no coffee?! What's a gal to do? Hope that you have some good, strong breakfast tea for bracing, only as needed, of course. Did you read Chocolatechic today? Funny. It may provide a much-needed laugh. It's "the economy is so bad that..." fill in the blank. Some of those blanks were very amusing.

(Our cats are going to have to share a can of food for a few days to ride us out to next payday. Oh it is not going to be pleasant.)

May the weather clear and may you find coffee on your doorstep...seriously...I'm praying to that end.

matty said...

I hear you, Brenda! I am trying very hard to find a reason to be grateful in the icy weather. Today, I am grateful I am warm! It is really cold and damp and I am not happy in that kind of weather!

Stay in, snuggle the Princess, and enjoy a fine book!



Jan said...

Ah, the winter blues. Find a good book and curl up and read. That's what winter is for.

freetobeme - Anita said...

Well, I guess we all have days like this now and then. Hopefully the weather will get better soon.

Barb said...

I'm so sorry - We have had that same kind of weather here in Idaho and we never have ice storms, truly, but we have had lots of ice, instead of snow this year. Yesterday, and a little bit today, the sun came out just long enough to say "just kidding!" I too, can't wait until Spring and warm sunshine! My dog also hates it when I change his food! Funny little critters - ya gotta love em'. Hope your week gets better.

Blessings, Barb

Sallie @ a quiet simple life said...

Four words:


Favorite DVDs



Brenda Leyland said...

For all that, my friend, I could still catch glimpses of the humour that lurks beneath the sighing of your thoughts.

And poor Miss Victoria......I'm sure she had no sympathy about you being out of coffee!

When I put my Christmas tree and cozy lights away, I made sure I festooned my fig tree with tiny white lights to help keep away the doldrums around here. They do glisten through the fog (whether it be indoors or out).

Here's wishing you a better day tomorrow! Brenda

Heather said...

I am with you all the way Brenda! Hibernation is seriously under rated! Why don't we just hunker down and poke our noses out when the daffodils do? I mean, what's so important anyways? I have a stack of books, some cut yarn, lots of hot chocolate and two willing kids! We are all pretty well though, so no excuses - onward we must go! I never thought I'd be wishing for a sniffle to use as an excuse for spending the day in our p.j.'s! Rain and fog GO AWAY - freezing rain is not welcome either! We may not have to shovel this stuff, but I'd still prefer snow - at least we could play in it!

Rain said...

I agree with the other comments.
A good book, a warm cat & a strong cup of tea are in order.
May the sun find you again soon.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Oh, Brenda, I do hope you feel better soon. It isn't just you. Two lists I'm on, which have been going strongly since '98 without any flaming (well, one has had perhaps a few less than perfectly charitable remarks in those 12 years, but not the other) have had little tempests in the teapot of our discourse. So atypical. I think it MUST have to do with the weather! Sit near a strong light, with an afghan and kitty on your lap and listen to a comforting book on tape! "This too shall pass" is perfectly true. And I think maybe "the sun'll come out tomorrow".

Ms. PJ Geek said...

Here in Atlanta it's 40 and rainey, but I guess ice fog is worse. I'm liking the chocolate / dvd / blanket suggestions..sugar free hot chocolate? But no coffee! I'd be freaking out....stay warm ..
good napping weather.
Take Care

Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda
Having grown up in New England, I can sympathize with your "winter blahs"! But we always said that if you could make it through January and February, you could make it through anything!

About a cat with a fussy appetite - dogs can be finicky, too. I had a large (150 lbs!) retriever mix who, whenever I put down anything unfamiliar in his food bowl, would look at his food, then look at me as if I was trying to poison him! People always assumed that such a large dog would eat anything in sight, but he was remarkably picky about his food!

Hope your days lighten up pretty soon!


Florence said...

Here on the Texas Gulf coast we will hit 72 today. While the winters are nice, it is our summers that are brutal--many days of 100 degree heat and 100% humidity. Hope you get some clear skies and warmer temperatures soon.

myletterstoemily said...

hurrah, a book blog! i have looked high and low and
finally found you!

Jennie said...

I have coffee in the house but haven't had any for days because my daughter broke the pot. I went to Wal-Mart to buy a new pot but can’t decide what to get because they only have 2 types of replacement pots and I am not sure either would fit my old coffee maker. I am trying to decide if I should buy a new coffee maker that have a plastic pot and you just put you cup under the spout and press a button. It is only $10 more than a pot. I seem to need a new pot every year so this could save me money but it is hard to give up my old coffee maker that I am accustomed to for a new style that I am not sure I will like.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought (and hopefully an encouraging one)~ THANK THE LORD you still have your ELECTRICITY!!!!! In 2006 Missouri had a HORRIBLE ice storm and we lost our electric for 3 WEEKS!!! Now that was TERRIBLE!!! hauling water, generators, cooking on a gas grill outside, a baby in diapers...the list just goes on and on...and I was new to cold weather (having just moved from Arizona)~ I decided I would take Arizona hot summer weather over cold, icy winters in the East anyday!!! We moved back to Arizona 2 yrs later and I LOVE IT!!!! But really, as long as you can heat your home and have the blessing of hot water you are blessed! HOW did those incredible pioneer women do it???? Love you~ and I will say a little prayer for you and yours right now! GBU :)

Steph said...

Thinking of you and hoping the thaw comes soon.

gail said...

Oh Brenda, I can sympathize with you today. We here on the East Coast of Australia are having 42c degrees[not sure what that is in Fahrenheit] and it so hot. I am melting away. What happened to the happy medium temps. Hang in there, it will be over before you know it.

Blessings Gail.

Manuela@TPOH said...

Well the weather changes every day here in ATL. One day last week I was wearing short sleeves and outside pulling weeds and yesterday it was pouring rain with some areas under a tornado warning! Today there's fog!

Hope your ice freezes and the sun comes out!

I can't manage without some coffee! Maybe someone could pick some up for you? I have a jar of instant that I keep just for emergencies.


Lallee said...

Brenda, I wish I could share some of the warmth we are having here today. My kitties are turning up their noses at some food recently--some they use to chow down. I think I could drop pebbles in the dogs' bowls and they would still be happy. LOL

Anonymous said...

I can sure relate, but we have the opposite. Normally our winters are cold, snowy, and icy. This year it is an endless stream of same cool temp with rain, fog, snow/rain drizzle, grey skies, and mucky muddy looking back yards. I miss our snow if you can believe that! It's days like this when I curl up on the couch and listen to Kay Arthur online, and maybe a good book with some tea. Hang in there, the sun will come out eventually.

joyce said...

Would anyone get mad at me if I tell you what the temperature is here in central Florida? It is............get ready........ a beautiful.......77 degrees!! The sun is shining - (it did rain earlier today, though) - and I just turned the AC off because I thought it felt just right in the house without it.

It is so pretty out, and perfect "porch weather." We did have several nights of record-breaking low temperatures a while back - in the low 20's which is very cold for this area of Florida. Many of my once-beautiful, brilliant green tropical plants are now brown and drooping.

I hope the weather warms up soon where you are and that you can get some coffee! Oh, I know the misery of being out of coffee.

"Queen" Victoria will just have to eat that food she doesn't like and deal with it!! At least she won't go hungry!

Take care, and stay warm.

Anonymous said...

While I love the moderate northern Ca. winters, we haven't seen the sun around here in a long time. I'm not complaining though because we are in a drought and desperately need the rain. Gray days after awhile get me down but when I saw on the forecast that a week of gray skies and rain was on the way, I prayed hard that I would emotionally be able to handle it-sometimes I feel anxiety and claustrophobia if the gray days and nights go on and on. I have handled the past week really well and all I can say is praise God. :)
Brenda, on a personal note, I hope I didn't offend you with my political wall posts on fb. Now that I know you are not as far right as Glenn Beck I'm afraid my opinions will offend you since I'm not sure where you are politically. I'm sorry if my opinions have offended-please forgive me if they have. Hubby and I are political junkies and have strong opinions and maybe sometimes I get carried away but I TRY not to. :)
joanna in (still) gray northern Ca.

freddie said...

well, here in Rome it seems that the winter is definitely finished, fancy a trip to Rome?

Anonymous said...

Gloomy days is one reason I am not overly fond of Winter.
Spring will soon be here along with warmer days and lots of sunshine.
You have a wonderful, encouraging blog here I always enjoy my visits.

We also have a very finicky older kitty who pretty much rules the roost.