Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ten random things about me

Carla tagged me weeks ago and was kind enough to ask if I minded. It has been awhile since I took part in this "tag" so I thought it would be fun.

So... here are ten random things about me, a few of which I may have written about already. Oh, and if you want to play along on your blog, consider yourself tagged. :)

1. I was a baton twirler in elementary school.

2. I'm extremely claustrophobic and afraid of heights... which may have something to do with my fear of flying. However, I wanted to be an astronaut for years as a youngster. Go figure...

3. I started out online as an administrator of a survival forum for women. Deepening the pantry has been a long time interest.

4. During my old corporate days, I went from being an Administrative Asst. in Human Resources to Acting Department Head of Organization Development... and later did a little consulting here and there.

5. My first child, Matthew, was a preemie who quickly passed into Heaven. My grandson, Matthew, has Grammie wrapped around each cute little finger.

6. I was a "yours, mine, and ours" baby. Which is why all but one of my siblings are old enough to be my parents.

7. My father passed away of a heart attack when I was ten years old.

8. I became a Christian in the Jesus Movement as a teenager. It was a revival that started in California and swept the United States and then the world. What made it so unique was it was mostly young people and the "unchurched" who came to Christ in that revival. It was also the birthplace of Contemporary Christian Music.

9. I have been asked a few times to write a book. Instead... I blog. However, my first published words were in a letter to TV Guide (back when every home in America either subscribed or bought one each week). It was to complain about the original Star Trek being canceled.

10. The picture on the blog header is my neighbor's barn.


matty said...

Fun! I'll play!

carla said...

Brenda, nice of you to accept the tag. As a new blogger, it was the first time I'd participated.

Twirling! I won't be jealous, I won't be jealous. All the little girls in my neighborhood wanted to twirl. My friend Donna had a baton (I didn't) and she would let me practice at her house.

Did you have lessons? Did an older sister teach you?

The Jesus Movement brings back wonderful memories, too. They brought a big tent and held meetings in Tulsa right after I met my (future) husband so we went together. Although already Believers, we thoroughly enjoyed going. An incredible wave of the Holy Spirit.

If you write a book, I'll buy one. I'll even use your Amazon link to purchase it.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting! I may join you soon. People are the only ones who can have such fun! hahahaha...

Mrs.Rabe said...

I was a baton twirler in elementary school too!

Fun list!

Jenn @ A Country Girl's Ramblings said...

I enjoyed you Wednesday post. Thanks you for sharing your thoughts on the struggles you and your husband are facing.

Also thank you for the comment you left me on my post yesterday At The Well.

Christina said...

I wanted to be a baton twirler when I was little... I also wanted to be an astronaut for a while. I think an astronaut is one of those things that every kid wants to be at sometime in their life. That and a paleontologist. Or was that just me?

I'm definitely playing, too. :D

freetobeme - Anita said...

I loved reading your ten random things! It was very interesting.