Sunday, December 06, 2009

Say Merry Christmas!

I so agree with Sallie (A Quiet Simple Life) on this one... Okay, so I agree with her on almost everything else, too. Check out her post about saying Merry Christmas... here.

By the way, yes... don't you love the vintage Christmas paper background? I wandered over to Susan P's blog a couple days ago and had to stop... and look... and covet. Knowing what a nice person she is, I figured she wouldn't mind my ummm... borrowing the same background.

I am so glad she is blogging again. She was missed...


scrappy quilter said...

I say Merry Christmas as well. Hugs..

carla said...

Thanks for the heads up on Sallie's crusade. I join you both and have linked my post to you here and also to Sallie.

Cute background paper. I love the vintage look.

Also, beautiful photo of the church building.

Susan P. said...

Of course I don't mind, we just have the same great taste;) lol Your sweet words of "welcome home" were very much appreciated! I have gone back and read some posts to "catch up." I am soooo happy that you have a precious little kitty to share nap time with you again!!!!!Truly, one of life's most wonderful blessings:)

Anonymous said...

Yes!!! I love the christmas background!! Yahooo!!