Friday, December 18, 2009

Let's see.... what is going on with the family?

Strength has been returning to my body since the antibiotics have worked their magic.  I do believe the nurses at the clinic think I am quite strange because I didn't know I had a raging infection but I felt only more fatigue than I live with it daily.  It is a good thing my doctor insists on quarterly tests!  Sigh... I miss all those years I only had to see a doctor for a yearly checkup. 

Yesterday I caught up laundry.  No one really completely finishes laundry as it is ongoing and the clothes hamper was half full again that evening.  But the guys have all their clothes washed, folded, hung, and put away... except those on the floor of Christopher's room but we won't go there.  :)

To save on gas, hubby and Christopher drove into campus together so I had extra time this morning to get some chores accomplished.  I cleaned and organized a section of the garage, giving myself a promise of crackers and cheese and pepperoni for lunch if I work until 11:00.  I actually did this as a Christmas present to my husband.  The cluttered garage has been bothering him for awhile now.

Today is his last full day of working the "end of the semester" week at the bookstore.  We really appreciate the opportunity for that week's paycheck.  I had to go into the bookstore a couple of times this past week when I picked him up.  It was so nice getting hugs from my bookstore daughters and my other seasonal co-workers telling me they wish I was well enough to work... good people!

Christopher has been studying every chance he could during finals.  Today is the last in-class final and he has one more to take online by Saturday evening.  He works full time all weekend so I have a feeling he will be on campus tonight to take the online test early.

At the rate this semester went, the next three and a half years will fly by (just as they did during Stephanie's college years).  I have mixed emotions about that.  His desire is to do graduate work at M.I.T. or immediately go to work for NASA or a high tech company.   His passion is to work in artificial intelligence and to follow that dream would mean moving away (he'll be the kind of scientist the Terminator in the movies are out to kill... which makes him feel creepy when he watches them).  :)

We certainly want him to go where God leads.  In the meantime, he is still an undergrad and we will enjoy these years.  Just as we miss Stephanie very much but we know she and her family are where they belong.  We do enjoy our times together but we are thankful for technology that makes it possible to stay in touch easily.

No change with my brother-in-law.  He is breathing on his own but we know he cannot last much longer.

Just a little update on the things going on around here.  Now I get to eat lunch!


freetobeme - Anita said...

Thanks for filling us in on Christopher's dreams of the future. I still pray for him when he comes to my mind.

Jan said...

Glad to hear the antibiotics are working. I , too, feel more fatigue when I am sick and don't always realised the extent of what I am dealing with.
I enjoy reading your blog.

scrappy quilter said...

It's wonderful getting caught up on your family. So glad to hear the antibiotics are working. Hugs

La Tea Dah said...

Oh Brenda --- how I can relate to this:

But the guys have all their clothes washed, folded, hung, and put away... except those on the floor of Christopher's room but we won't go there. :)