Saturday, November 21, 2009

A tea party!

Matty is hosting a virtual tea party today.

I thought it would be an excuse to show off the beautiful teacup Sally (Clarkson) gave me as a gift when she arrived at Stephanie's house. My current favorite teacups to add to my "official" collection are bone china with roses... you can see how it is perfect? :)

I haven't put in the tea, yet... it would cover up the pretty roses. I'm brewing one of the teas Stephanie brought back home from England for me, called "Afternoon Tea" (and it is delicious).

I made the cupcakes yesterday and I have more to make today. I "cheated" and used a yellow cake mix but I made chocolate and vanilla butter cream frosting and sprinkled it with pretty sugar.

Christopher's 20th birthday is Sunday!

Hmmm.... do you think his guy friends would like a tea party?

You can go to Matty's virtual tea party... here.


matty said...


What a lovely cup! Just perfect for a tea party! The cupcake is just yummy!

I think if my men will come to a tea party, yours would, too! LOL

Isn't it a wonderful day??



Mrs.Rabe said...

Lovely tea cup Brenda!

I am on my way to Matty's virtual tea party!

Diane Shepard Johnson and Sarah E. Johnson said...

Dear Brenda,

What a joy it is to meet you! We were also at Matty's tea party this morning. Your rose tea cup is lovely and the "Afternoon Tea" from England sounds like it will be delicious with your cupcakes!

When I was growing up I had a kitty that looked a lot like Victoria. She was a long haired tiger striped kitty, too. We love the last photograph of Victoria, she looks like she is so relaxed and at home.

Give Victoria a hug!

Take care,
Diane and daughter Sarah

Anonymous said...

Your beautiful tea cups remind me of my mom who loved that type too. Thanks for jogging my memory!!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Cake mix is just fine,thank you very much. I consider it my blank canvas to work art on! C

Packrat said...

Lovely. And, no, I don't think that Christopher and friends would like a tea party. LOL Actually, I think I'd hide my china. Happy birthday to Chris!

Elise said...

what a beautiful cup !