Friday, October 02, 2009

October, even the name is lovely

How is this for reusing? When I took the contents of my hanging planter to the compost pile, this wrought iron basket is what was left. It was too beautiful not to use!

I bought it a year ago at the end of season clearance sale (of all places, at my grocery store) and planted the hanging geraniums in it in the spring. It was filled with moss already so I had no idea just how pretty it was without flowers.

I love the month of October, it is tied with the month of May for my favorite month of the year. When one lives in an area where there are four distinct seasons (well, in normal years), May gives us the lushness of new greenery and flowers while October brings deep jewel colors and crisp, cool days.

I've always thought of each as God's gift... the beauty of May after the cold, stark winter and October gives a glorious send off before everything dies back into the soil or curls up for a long winters nap. I often told the family I was created to hibernate.

The chrysanthemums of the season are one of my favorite flowers. I adore all of them and if money was no object, there would be lots and lots out on the deck. Since money is a factor, I have the two I showed on my porch in their gorgeous copper color. They were both on clearance already.

Except for fresh mums, my other autumn decorations are reusable each year, often found at thrift stores or on clearance at season's end. That cute coffee can was purchased a few years ago... I'm thinking it was Maxwell House that used to have seasonal coffee cans. I have one of their small coffee cans with a spring motif that holds orphan pennies in my closet. I suppose they stopped making them when they went to plastic. :(

We, too, had to start the furnace yesterday. We could have used it night before last but it must first be turned on in the daytime with windows open or the allergy sufferers would... suffer. I should have thought ahead when the projected lows were in the 30s. We're back to lows in the upper40s for a few days but at least the furnace has had all of the dust and "stuff" blown out... cough, cough, cough.

We awoke to find our coffee maker had met its' demise with absolutely no warning. It's a good thing I have some black tea I can brew to help wake us up... yawn. I am at an age where caffeine helps me wake up in the morning. :)


freetobeme - Anita said...

I love October too. Autumn is my favorite season but I actually love all four seasons. I doubt that we'll become Florida winter people, but you never know!

Brenda Leyland said...

I so enjoyed your posting today. You put into words perfectly the feeling of "October" and "May".

Created to hibernate. You too? There's something about this time of year that fills a longing of being able to focus on 'inner' living more. Spring and summer are lovely, but they are busy as we prepare for new seasons of sowing and harvesting.

Have a wonderful day. B

Kathy said...

Hi Brenda!, I do love your blog! I love October too, and for your same reasons! This morning I am off work, and am enjoying the crisp morning air, as I go about my house duties! Yesterday I made a banana/cherry cake for our dessert,and we enjoyed it out around our firepit with fresh coffee. Cool night air, just lovely! Hope you have a wonderful day! Oh!!!! I wanted to also thank you for the lovely idea with the hanging basket holder, I have two and will put them to good use!

Anonymous said...

Fall and 2 favorite seasons too. The cool crisp autumn weather when I was young, in Idaho, was a delight...I rarely get to experience such here. Though the last couple days have been so nice. Though we had to use the A/C one day and the next were using the heat in the AM...sigh! Usually the extreme humidity takes enjoyment away from all seasons, though mostly we have just 2 here...and they may only be separated really by a week or a few days. HOT and a little cold. But the colors here are fabulous...and in a couple weeks ought to be in full sway.

I do love the evergreen/campground feeling here however!! And all it takes is about 4 1/2 days of a relative visit to make me even happier to be HERE!!! Sometimes a continent away is a good thing, eh? I am content...HERE!

Enjoy reading/seeing your ideas for decor, etc.!!
Blessings, Elizabeth

Dawn said...

October is my favorite month of the year, and not just because it's my birthday this month. I love the smell of woodsmoke, the crunch of the leaves as you walk, the myst in the morning, drinking warm apple cider, yummy cooked squash, decorating for Thanksgiving,and the glorious colors that are everywhere! I think God created Fall for those of us that love to be inspired to create! I think Mums are more lovely because they are only around for a short time, and they signal the beginning of a glorious season full of preparation and thankfulness.

Anonymous said...

Yes, those coffee cans are Maxwell House. I have two~fall and spring. Your flowers look lovely in yours! I think I'll see if my mum will fit in mine. Thanks for the idea!


Mrs.Rabe said...

October is my favorite! I enjoy the change to the coolness and even chilly weather from the heat of summer.

We are doing a trip to New England soon to see the leaves up there. We are all so excited!

Suzanne said...

Agree, October is one of the most beautiful months of the year, the colors, the mild weather, the anticipation of the holidays, it all seems perfect.

Barb J. said...

Great idea - what a beautiful basket!

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

That looks so pretty! What good way to reuse it!

I plant my mums in the ground when they're done in the pot. They die back with the frosts but come back year after year looser and larger(don't know if you do that but thought I'd mention it so next year you can have some).