Monday, October 05, 2009

Amazon widget

I have no idea why the Amazon Widget showed only one of the four books I added already.

I went back and added the three Karen Andreola books again. It looks like it added them. Technology... who can understand it at times? :)

Yes, both the Karen Andreola fiction books can be enjoyed very much by people who do not homeschool. Besides enjoying them as a wife and mom, I believe they are very good for high school age girls, too.


Mrs.Rabe said...


When I was a young homeschool mom, Karen's book "A Charlotte Mason Companion", was a blessing to me. When she and her family moved to our area, we ended up at the same church and have become friends! She truly has a heart for homeschooling moms. She is dear!

Anonymous said...

Thanks,Brenda. I ordered all 3 and am already dreaming of sitting on my swing,drinking hot coffee and enjoying myself. I love a good read. :)