Monday, September 14, 2009

Old books and cold pizza

We had such a lovely day on Saturday. After weeks of alarm clocks and early mornings, neither of the menfolk had to be anywhere and were quite happy about sleeping in late. It is rare to have unplanned hours where the three of us can spend family time together so we embraced the day.

A benefit of having the University close by is that ability to squeeze in family times once in awhile. Before we know it, Christopher will have graduated and started a career... most likely elsewhere.

A friend had surprised us with a "love gift", which made it possible for the three of us to have breakfast at our favorite neighborhood restaurant (our former neighborhood "in town"). I can't recall the last time we were there together. How lovely to enjoy our breakfast without guilt because of that gift. I've mentioned before that "breakfast out" is my favorite eat-out meal.

One of the libraries was in the middle of a book sale so we decided to stop by and see if there was anything good left. Normally I would attend on the Friends night and get the first look at everything. However, given our tight budget and me still feeling overly fatigued, I decided not to attend this time.

I tend to pray about everything... small and large... so I sent up a quick prayer as we were on the way, asking Him to lead me to any good books left... and gosh was that answered. Would you believe there were three Gladys Tabor books in the Old Books section, along with The Harvester by Gene Stratton-Porter (we visited that part of Indiana last year)?

I also found Tea Celebrations by Alexandra Stoddard and Housekeeping by M. Robinson, a book I've wanted to read for ages but the reviews on Amazon were so mixed I didn't want to actually purchase it... $1.00 at the sale is do-able.

There was a very nice "anniversary" copy of Christy, a vintage Miss Read book in perfect condition, a vintage Cherry Ames book, and a biography of missionary Amy Carmichael for the grandchildren (Amy's books inspired Elisabeth Elliot).

Christopher purchased Utopia and a few X-men comics (his reading preferences are as eclectic as mine). I love finding great books for a dollar each.

We had to go to the Mall (yuk) to find a bag for Christopher's computer. We dropped Dad off at Barnes & Noble where he could peruse football and basketball magazines (to see how the University is ranked this year) and headed into the zoo. We had to park out in the "back forty" as it was packed... this is one of the larger malls outside of the big cities and the lot was full. So much for an economic downturn.

We looked everywhere but couldn't find what we needed. There were excellent sales going on and I came across a clearance rack at J. C. Penney that held boxes of remaining sections of drapes for $3.95 each... originally $79.00... for the valance only... and it would take two for my window.

I found two matching valances in a sage green (raw silk look) and decided they were just what I needed to replace the ugly beige valance on the long family room window. For that small amount of money, it was worth bringing it home. I'll press both valances and have hubby hang them this week to see how it looks. I can handle $8.00-ish instead of $160.00 (plus tax).

I've had so many surprises like that which turned out far above what I originally planned. Such as the lovely way the deck turned out... all because I couldn't afford the larger picnic tables we thought we'd place on the deck. :)

Back to the mall... we couldn't find the bag we were after so we returned to Barnes & Noble to pry Dad's hands off the magazines and return home (my feet were tired from all that walking!). Would you believe Christopher found exactly what he needed at B&N... sigh? Of course, if the valance works out... and I've been looking for one I could afford since we moved in... then the trip to the mall was well worth it.

Saturday night I stretched out on the living room sofa watching Masterpiece Mystery on PBS, while also reading the tea book (and at times missing a clue to Who-Done-It on Miss Marple). Christopher arrived home from campus, where he had met up with some friends to work out at the gym and then go out for pizza.

I felt something drop on my lap (behind the book) and there it was... I asked him if it contained what I thought it did and he smiled. I opened the pizza box and sure enough, the remaining slices of macaroni and cheese pizza... yum.

He's the only other person I know who likes macaroni and cheese pizza (the pizzeria near campus makes "from scratch" mac and cheese with good cheddar and then spreads it out on pizza dough... no sauce... and bakes it until the dough is cooked and the mac and cheese is bubbly). When he first told me about this pizza, I thought it sounded horrible... until I tried it... another yum.


Brenda Leyland said...

What a delightful ramble.... I so enjoyed your posting this morning.

It was like going for a walk through a woodsy place where you never know what's around the next corner, but you know you'll like it.... that's how I felt about your posting this morning.

Your book buys sound wonderful. And you like watching Miss Marple -- I must admit Joan Hickson as Miss Marple is my absolute favorite!

And breakfast out -- Yes I think I have say that's a favourite time to go out too! I love going out for morning coffees to our favourite coffee spot -- Cafe Haven.

Have a wonderful Monday!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Brenda, you had blessings rain down on you to find all those books on the second day! I, too, watched Miss Marple Sat. evening. Joan Hickson is my favorite, also.

Friend Debra

Cheryl (Copper's Wife) said...

What a lovely weekend!! Breakfast out is my favorite, too. What delightful surprises - the valance for your home, the wonderful finds at the book sale and cold pizza (yum!).

Elizabeth said...

I'm horrified - who would dare part with their Gladys Tabor books! I've always been such a fan and, dare I say, even drove by Stillmeadow way back when on a Sunday drive...have all her books and so enjoy rereading them, especially during the cold winter days we have here.

Pizza sounds interesting, my daughter would love it, not so sure about me and hubby.

Mrs.Rabe said...


What a perfect day! It is just the kind I love!

You know when you first said Mac and Cheese pizza I thought "gross!" Then when you described it, well I think it sounds good! Who would have thought!

Enjoy your books!

Beth said...

My daughter loves Mac and cheese pizza! There's a pizza place that we have gone to that also makes peanut butter and jelly pizza. Can't say that I'd recommend it, though!
I'm glad you have had a good weekend! I am also recovering from whatever nasty virus has been going around. I have been so tired but am feeling better now. Hope you fully recover soon!
I also love Miss Marple and was so sad that I missed it. I saw the very end of it...boohoo....
Enjoy this lovely weather in our fair state!

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

Oh I am soooooooo hungry after reading this....

Becky K. said...

I love Gene Stratton Porter's books. It sounds like you had a great day!

Becky K.

Debra said...

Wow! What great finds. Count me in as one of the many fans of Housekeeping, though I do prefer the movie (which I've watched probably 25 times.) But the book is lovely for its haunting, beautiful descriptions which pull you into each scene. Marilynne uses words like no one else I've ever read. I'm so hoping the movie will come out on dvd someday--I've just about worn my video down to shreds. Blessings, Debra

Love the Decor! said...

What a wonderful day! I always love breakfast out

scrappy quilter said...

I've never heard of macaroni and cheese pizza however it sounds yummie.

Great deal on the books and the valance.

Anonymous said...

When you said macarroni and cheese I never thought it was pizza you would be t alking about!. This one is new to me but does sound like something to try! :) I love the book buys you found! God sure answered your prayer in spades!! I keep hearing about Miss Read but have never seen one...some day. I am sure glad you got to be together with your loved ones for a relaxing time. We all need these decompression times and times to make memories together... Jody

Raquel said...

Sounds a perfectly lovely day to me! Not QUITE sure about the pizza, but I would give it a try. I love Gladys Tabor and would be thrilled to find some of her books on sale! Much love - Raquel XO

Sabine said...

Dear Brenda, I love reading about the amazing treasures you find. Have you ever considered starting an Etsy shop or selling some of the overflow on eBay?

sue2sox said...

What a find...three Gladys Taber books in one place! I found The Stillmeadow Road at a library book sale in Ocean Park, Maine about four years ago and cherish it. I recently had breakfast out with my husband and son Christopher in South Boston recently...a rare treat for all of us and could wholeheartedly relate to your outing. Love your posts