Monday, September 07, 2009

Living life on purpose revisited

If you have read this blog long enough, you may know I ponder the subject of Living Life on Purpose once in awhile. What brought it to mind this time? I'm reading through The Gentle art of Domesticity by Jane Brocket again. A book which definitely sparks all kinds of pondering about living and beauty and all things... well... domestic.

I suppose the change of seasons also triggered such thinking, autumn especially causes me to think of another passing year and how time goes by so quickly. How my list of things to do this summer only has a few items checked off and now it is September and school has started.

My Jewish and Messianic friends have the right idea, the new year should begin each autumn. As I pondered... I wondered... and sure enough, Rosh Hashanah... the new year... is just around the corner. Perhaps my inner time clock is in Hebrew. :)

Jane's book reminds me of the beauty in that which is part of our everyday life. Just recently I was sitting in the Lazy Boy looking through the French door windows and thinking how pretty the deck was. I had moved a few plants from the front porch to the deck, placing the cascading geranium plant on one table and the others adding depth to a corner.

The red umbrella on the smaller table near the window has been open most days these past couple of weeks, adding color and its' own beauty to the scenery. I realized as I viewed the scene that day that it has a rather bistro look... not intentional but perhaps subconscious... quite lovely. I had thought about putting the umbrella away so it wouldn't fade but decided I'd rather enjoy the color it provided in a world of green, especially as the flowers were fading.

My attention was drawn to movement on the deck as a chipmunk scurried from under the grill to the table and then down the stairs. Just a short time earlier a squirrel had popped in and out of the flower pots. If I could speak fluent squirrel, I would guide him to the black walnut tree where he is free to take all his little heart desired.

I think part of living life on purpose is about taking the time to really look at our surroundings. Home needs someone to view the house as a canvas for creativity and domestic art. Perhaps I'll write more about what I'm learning from Jane's book as the week continues.

If you're interested in other posts I've written about Living Life on Purpose, you can find some... here. Is it terrible to read what you wrote months and years ago and think those were good ponderings? :)

Oh... thanks for the comments about the new header picture. It is the view from the end of my gravel lane, should I decide to turn west. This was taken last autumn, just as the color of the trees were becoming a little muted. I also added Autumn Leaves as the first song on my Play List.

Added: Yes, the link will show this post first since it is the most recent with the Living Life on Purpose label. :)


scrappy quilter said...

WOW, your new header is stunning!! What a peaceful place has is your deck. I really enjoyed reading this post. Hope you have a wonderful Monday.

Diana said...

Love the header and this post!

Sharon said...

Love the new look here!You live in such a lovely,lovely place.I really appreciated what you had to say in this post.I am now nearly convinced my inner time clock is in Hebrew as well. LOL I always love my visits here even if I do not always comment.I have changed over to an Autumn look as well and would love to have you stop by if you have time.:-)Blessings~Sharon

Linda said...

Is the link working. It keeps taking me to the current post. Yes the fall always seems like a new year to me too. Linda

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for mentioning that book. It reminded me that you were going to ask us for book idieas again. I'd almost forgotten! :) This book sounds like one I would like to read and do some pondering! It is hard to imagine how very beautiful Heaven will be when God provides so many beautiful sights for us down here we think are etraodinary. The sky and clouds always amaze me...never the same but always soooo beautiful. Today I just looked at your picture of the road and let my mind wonder to such roads I used to walk as a kid. So restful and full of full of God. Jody

Anonymous said...

Love the new header too!! It is so wonderful to live among trees. We have mostly pine trees here, but some deciduous trees too and sometimes Fall is awfully gorgeous here too. Usually it is almost Nov. here however before the color goes. Do you have leaves turning yet?

nanatrish said...

Brenda, I love your new header and this post is great. Your deck looks so calm and peaceful. If you get a chance hop over to my blog. I wrote about you today and I have emailed you. Love those fall trees. Trish

matty said...

Love the header! Your book suggestions have driven my librarian wild! LOL I am currently reading my third Alexandra Stoddard book, have ordered Charlotte Mason, and now have another to add to the list! What an impact you've had on my reading! Thanks!

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

The header is really beautiful! What a lovely area! I'm still reading that book. I think I've been reading it since last spring. Bits and pieces here and there!


Anonymous said...

Your patio thoughts made me think of something you wrote a long time ago. You mention that because you live with 2 men you keep cabbage rose prints you love out of the decorating scheme. I do the same but do add that touch a place I can. Do you have a chair or bench in the garden area? You might think of adding one when you see one at the right price. They are good to have there if there is a shade area where you could sit between garden chores. That is where you could add that touch. Put a pillow in the prettiest flower print you can find and or paint the bench to compliment it. I know of one woman who lives with men who has one chair and a side table done so. She says to have one place to be her feminine self is so refreshing and fun. Jody

Vee said...

I love the red umbrella, too. My son and his wife have a red one and it always looks so bright and cheerful up!

If I had read more (instead of just listening to your pretty playlist), I would know the answer to my question about your header picture.

I've been thinking about this living life on purpose business. Today, I have already hustled my family through rigorous hoops to be on time for an appointment that won't happen until Thursday. Think maybe I need to do a better job of living purposefully.

Brenda Leyland said...

a good theme to ponder on...... I think it was Henry David Thoreau who got me started thinking along those lines many years ago when I first read Walden and his other writings.

Enjoying your beautiful and hope-filled site.

Will be back.

BTW, we both share the first same name... maybe we're kindred spirits too?

Lady-in-the-Making said...

I don't live life 'on purpose' enough. Thank you for this. God bless you!