Saturday, September 12, 2009

For all who asked :)

When we lived in the Metro Detroit area, we were in Warren... where 12 Mile Road meets Schoenner.

I shopped at the Sterling Heights mall and our favorite barbecue place (Memphis Smoke) was in Royal Oak (we did visit the zoo there!).

I actually ended up liking the area even though I was happy to move away, not being a big city girl and all. I hated driving on the Expressway around Detroit so much that when we moved, I drove all the way up Twelve Mile to Royal Oak to get on the Expressway there!

Regarding the BBC shows...

Good Neighbors is special to me as I watched it in the early years of my marriage when we wanted to "get back to the land". I remember watching it on PBS each week and LOVING it so much. I often check it out of the library, someday I'd like to own it. There is not a Christmas season that goes by that I don't think of their Christmas episode.

I enjoyed two of my favorite comedy actresses in Rosemary & Thyme. I haven't seen it on PBS or BBC America for awhile... a very good "cozy mystery".

We used to get As Time Goes By and Keeping Up Appearances on BBC America but they stopped a year or two ago. Our PBS station plays As Time Goes By once in awhile. Although very different forms of comedy, I like them both.

I started watching Last of the Summer Wine on PBS soon after we had the new antennae installed. Who would think a comedy based around old men would be so funny that I'd be laughing out loud half the time I'm watching it?

I'm so happy the library near campus has all of The Darling Buds of May. I need to start with season one soon and watch all of them again. They also have all the James Harriot shows. I enjoyed them when they were on PBS originally but I haven't watched them for years.

There are others I know I've enjoyed but their names escape me right now.

I'm looking forward to seeing all the Foyle's War shows and I've enjoyed just about everything on their Masterpiece Mystery series these past few months. There is something so delicious about a British mystery program. Hmmm... was Cadfael a BBC production?

Then there are the BBC Jane Austens... sigh... bliss.

Once the weather gets cold and especially when the snow falls, I tend to hibernate (can we say driving on ice is not my favorite thing to do?). That is when I check one or two DVDs from the library.

Suggestions are welcome!


moreofhim said...

Oh, my! A person that loves the British shows as much as I do! I watch "Keeping Up Appearances" and "As Time Goes By" every Saturday night - after watching Lawrence Welk, of course. lol I, too, check out all the British DVD sets at the library. In fact, they have my name on some sort of list and when one comes available, they immediately put it on hold for me. It's wonderful having such a wonderful library that cares about their patrons interests! I'm definitely going to check out some of the ones you suggested as I haven't heard of them before and I know I'll enjoy them.

All your veggies are beautiful! Enjoy!

God bless you - Julie

Anonymous said...

The PBS Masterpiece type shows are done so perfectly. The buildings..towns, costumes all are done to perfection. Even if you turned off the sound and only looked round at the scenery they would be a treat!! I haven't a sugestion at this time but am looking forward to other's comments. I am happy you mentioned the the back to the land series. I had heard about it from you or someplace else before and lost the title. I have so many books I haven't been to the library for a while but will check ours out to see if they have any of these good PBS titles you mentioned. Thankyou. Jody

Anonymous said...

We love the James Herriot series too. We watch them frequently.

If you like English mysteries, be sure to watch the Miss Marple series with Joan Hickson. They are so much fun!


Elizabeth said...

Was such a huge fan of mystery Monday on BBC America a few years back. My opinion now is that BBC America is trying to bring in a younger audience...haven't found anything to watch there in months.

Love PBS, subcribe to their newsletter so as not to miss upcoming shows. Another "Cranford" series with Judy Dench will air early next year. Enjoy those so much.

Watching Inspector Lewis...but he isn't as good as Morse.

Anonymous said...

We love watching some of the same things you mention here. We have not been into watching live TV for years and feel the better for it. We get plenty of news from internet and newspapers, etc. But we LOVED the James Herriot fact, currently rewatching them again. It seems we often pick up new little things as we go along. Those actors were certainly good in those roles. My daughter and I have watched the Jane Austin movies over and over too. So much to learn about human nature and different solutions to problems in those series.

Another series we have loved over and over are the Jeeves and Wooster ones too...that British humor and poking fun at the upper classes, SO MUCH to laugh about in them.

BusyBee said...

Yep, Brother Cadfael is definately British... and I MISS it! I have several copies of Ellis Peters Brother Cadfel books, but I just loved how Derek Jacobi made the character come alive!


Kimberly said...

Sweetheart went a bit nuts last month when all the BBC movies were on sale on Amazon. :) We've enjoyed Lorna Doone and are watching the Barchester Chronicles a bit at a time. We also have enjoyed a few other British flicks from Merchant & Ivory and others.

Anonymous said...

Keep a watch at Costco and probably Sams Club too for the different PBS series. Off and on they are also on sale in their monthly coupon book. I know they are much cheaper than the PBS movie catalog I got...but I have never seen a sale there but they must as it was mentioned here. I saw several of the Miss Marple there just two ddays ago. Jody

Ms.Jeanie said...


I too love Rosemary and Thyme and often go around my house talking like them. Boredom...I guess. :)
I once bought a hat that looked exactly like Laura's and paid a good price for it...only to have it not fit my head! :) I didn't care, I just wanted it. Now it hangs in the barn over the gardening stuff. Appropriate, don't you think? ;)


Linda said...

I love As Time Goes By and many of the others mentioned. Born to the Manor is one that hasn't been mentioned. Yes, Minister is another. I also love Poirot. I'm watching Little Dorrit it's a Dickin's story and so is a little more depressing than some of the others. North and South was good. It was written by the same author as Cranford. Linda

Elizabeth said...

Did you happen to catch Larks Fair to Candleford on PBS? It is a BBC series that PBS ran earlier this year. It was on Friday nights here so it was what my daughter and I would watch for our mother/daughter "date" night. We are fans of Rosemary and Thyme and I always look forward to the Masterpiece Classics in the fall. I stumbled upon your blog and have really enjoyed your writings. Thanks for all your share here.


Linda said...

Opps, it's To The Manor Born. I think. Linda