Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Comments on comments

I, too, have wondered about Christopher habit of talking to someone on the cell phone as a safety measure. I guess it is psychological or something.... have to look into that mace for the key chain. :)

It is actually alarming at how fast the crime rate in the county and surrounding areas is rising. Even our Midwestern towns are having gangs move in from the bigger cities.

Long gone are the days when the crimes were committed by farm boys who have had a little to much to drink on Friday night, now there are dangerous outsiders ... not to mention the affects of meth and cocaine even in small towns.

Harry and the Hendersons was one of my favorite movies to watch when Christopher was young. If Bigfoot was like Harry, I'd have no problems with sharing the forest. Welcoming him into my house may be another issue. Harry was rather... clumsy.

I'll have to watch that movie again soon but it has to be with my husband. Both kids will tell you there are certain movies that are more fun just because of Dad's laughing through them... Harry is one of those movies... the worst is Cool Runnings because he speaks with a Jamaican accent for days afterwards... sigh.

I've mentioned before that I really liked Frank Peretti's book called Monster. I'm not a fan of horror movies or books but this one is just a little scary. It's about the Bigfoot legend and not to give anything away... they find "something".

The only bad reviews I saw of it were from people who were annoyed he based his science against cross-species evolution. Otherwise, those who could live with those assumptions seemed to like it even if it is not War and Peace.

I've followed the Franky Schaeffer story for a long time with both shock and sadness. Edith writes so much in her books (especially The Tapestry) about the fact they are far from perfect and she had been very honest about the difficulties involved in being a family with a ministry such as theirs.

How like the enemy of our souls to twist the truth to defame a couple who had such an influence on a generation after they could tell their side of the story... and how sad that it is their own mid-life "baby" who would be the source of slander.

I've been reading more about challenges with a few of Billy Graham's kids but none of the siblings have ever written scathing statements blaming their parents for their problems (other than admitting Dad's being gone so much had an adverse affect but they also gave praise to their mother for doing the best she could).

It has surprised me how my husband's siblings seem to hate their father more the longer he has been dead. I'm even more shocked at the way they speak of their mother. My in-laws could be difficult people but they don't deserve such animosity. His brother and sister are both single and never had children so they have no spouse at home reminding them of their own imperfections and the need to walk in forgiveness. :)

Both Nancy Pearcy and Os Guinness have spoken out against Franky's book. Both were living at L'Abri and Os was Franky's best friend at one time (the best man at his wedding). His famous op-ed response can be found... here. It is five pages long but well worth reading for people whose life were impacted by the Schaeffer's ministry.

All parents can do is... the best they can do. How many times have I mentioned that Adam and Eve had a perfect Parent and lived in Paradise... and rebelled. How thankful I am that I'm not rich or famous so my children need not write any Mommy Dearest books. I can be rather cranky when I'm tired...


freetobeme - Anita said...

Hmmm...was this written by Brenda? Must be the other side of her! Whatever side, it was interesting.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Who would ever have thought I'd feature a Bigfoot, huh? :)

Rain said...

Thanks for your thoughts on the Schaeffers. Your thoughts on the prodigal child are so sound and wise. It just reminds me that there are no guarantees in life. The only guarantee is God Himself.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Thanks for the link to the article by Os Guinness. It is so sad to see a grown son dishonor his parents in order to excuse his own behavior. Spoiled or not, he alone is responsible for his actions. The scriptures say in Proverbs 20:11 "Even a child is known by his actions, by whether his conduct is pure and right."

Beth said...

Dear Brenda,
I often wonder what my step son says about me...and my husband...but especially about me. He is a sad young man who lost his mother when he was in elementary school. Sometimes his words and actions have been so difficult that I have wanted to move from the town in which we live to a town that could be just "ours." It is incredible what one "charming" person can say that isn't based in WHOLE truth. Sometimes the half truth can be worse than a lie because you can't deny ALL of it. Oh Well...My husband says we just need to live like we are supposed to live and people will know the truth. That's easier said than done. But, that's what we are left with. That, and the knowledge that Jesus was hurt much more than we ever can be for us. I'm hoping my relationship with my step son will become better through the years when he matures a little...and when I learn to let things just "roll off my back."
Oh as a side note, Bigfoot doesn't scare me...but OPOSSUMS do!! Oh my goodness, I'm terrified of them...(and by the way, THEY'RE REAL!! hehe!!)
Thank you for your sweet blog!

carlahoag said...

Reading your post, then reading the comments, then posting is kind of like having a conversation because there is an exchange of thoughts and opinions and experiences.

Wouldn't it be fun if we could all sit down over an afternoon tea at a nice tea room (there's a really good one in Fort Worth at the Lone Star Antique Mall; and they have a really big table that would seat all of us)and just talk? Now that's an interesting daydream. The reality is that we probably all live as far as Timbuktu from each other. You and I are probably 1000 miles apart and I think you have overseas visitors here, too.

And it would be spirited conversation, too, although terribly polite. Most of us seem to agree on the basics, but then start diverting off in other directions, as individually created people do.

As to parenting: although I love my mother dearly, I have never considered her to be my best friend and never wanted her to be. There are things that I say to my friends that I would NEVER say to a parent. Nothing mean or disrespectful, but personal. I have always had a very good relationship with her and did with my dad also (he died in 1986).

But you guys that do feel that way about your children are in pretty good company - James Dobson agrees with you, not me.

Carol G. said...

You have been a wonderful companion this morning. I fixed my tea and toast with pumpkin butter while listening to the music on your site...and then sat and ate while reading. Could you please be my neighbor?? I have also contemplated Frankie Schaeffer and what was going on with him..very grateful for your perspective and the link to go read. I LOVED the Schaeffers as a teenager and managed to have their series of films shown at my college. As a twenty something I read the Tapestry and still remember it with fondness. I think your son and mine are birds of a feather...He is my youngest and at 14 my last remaining home-schooler. As far as Bigfoot...I lived in a small town growing up where we had at least 1 and I believe 2 sightings...I also remember as a child my father found what REALLY, truly appeared to be a was creepy...We even had small big foot museum...and yeah, I'm right there with you on the phobia! Thanks for a wonderful blog...just had to comment as I come by so often and enjoy your writings!

Cherrie said...

Wow I just today picked up "Monster" at the library! I can't wait to read it! Thank you for the book review!

Children of Eve said...

Edith is my favorite, a very strong influence in my life. I could never bring myself to read Frankie's book. Thank you for the link, I will check it out. We are all imperfect, that's what grace is for. Let's do the best we can with what we've been given.

carla said...

Forgot to tell you that I ordered both "What is a Family?" and "The Hidden Art of Homemaking" after you mentioned them.

debbie bailey said...

Hi Brenda! I've been gone for awhile. Good to read you again. I too was shocked by Frankie Schaeffer's treatment of his parents. Shame on him. Doesn't he realize the influence they've had around the world? Is he jealous? I don't know. I can't decide whether to read his book or not. I'll definitely read the Os Guinness article. Thanks!