Saturday, August 01, 2009

A review of a game through sleep deprived eyes

Christopher knows I keep my cell phone on the table next to my bed at night so I wasn't surprised when it woke me up. He was telling me to turn the light on the front porch so he could see to get in the house. Since he couldn't get to sleep, he was driving home so Dad could have the car for his morning meeting.

I stumbled out of bed to turn the light on the front porch, just minutes before he walked through the front door. Well, he said he was on the way but I guess he really was close! It wasn't until I was going back to bed I saw it was 2:00 in the morning. Perhaps this was a case of misery loves company except he went quickly to sleep in his room and I was was the one wide awake.

It's a good thing I didn't know what time it was when the cell phone rang... with one nineteen year old boy driving around plus a daughter and son-in-law traveling Europe... my imagination could have gone wild. :)

Christopher was still asleep when hubby arrived home from the Rural Electric meeting. (He reminded me how different things are in rural areas... the meeting opened up with prayer.) Since Christopher was home, I fried the remainder of the potatoes I'd baked the last time he was home, along with onions, green peppers from the garden, and slices of smoked sausage I bought when it was on sale (combined with a coupon). A very hearty lunch for all... hubby and I will be eating very, very light this evening.

I also made a chocolate cherry cake with items from my pantry. It has cooled enough to place in the refrigerator. Part of it will go home with Christopher this afternoon. He's headed to some kind of festival in one of the small towns (corn festival perhaps?) with his "friend that is a girl".

Fortunately, I had enough energy to grate quite a lot of zucchini to freeze later today. As I showed in my last "freezing zucchini post" (the picture above was taken for that post), I have the grated zukes heaped high in a colander and draining throughout the afternoon.

I do believe draining them for awhile helps them freeze better. They will be transferred into ZipLoc bags later today. In the meantime, I will rest...

I did want to tell you about the cutest game, for all you other tea time enthusiasts. Stephanie and I saw this in a gift shop when they were visiting and I found it on Amazon later.

I have now added it to my Amazon favorites on the sidebar. (Thank you again, I was able to purchase it for Faith's birthday last month with enough credits that I only had to add sixty cents!)

Faith and her older siblings have loved the game. It is very good for their Saturday Game Nights as the four year old can play it with the six and seven year old... and adults. I was so glad it was as pretty and as much fun as it looked. I always love finding a good preschool game.

This company makes other games, which I will give great consideration to for one or two Christmas gifts, especially for Matthew and Faith... and they are not expensive. Now you can see why I added it to my favorites!

I can hardly keep my eyes open but I'm now going to brew a little pot of tea (with caffeine) and have a slice of the cake. There are cooking shows being shown on PBS this afternoon. Later there is a British Mystery.

It doesn't get any better than that, who needs a nap?

I'll have another pantry post on Monday. This time I'll write about how I used to really deepen the pantry.

If the caffeine works enough, there will be a Sunday Afternoon Tea post tomorrow... yawn.


Pom Pom said...

What a sweetly interesting post! I'm afraid that my zucchini is going to start going crazy after I'm back at school (I planted it late) and I won't have time to get it ready for the freezer. I appreciate your informative blog! Have a restful Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info about the zucchini, last time I shredded it and froze it, it was a puddle of mush and I didn't dare use it for zucchini bread. I'll try shredding it and putting it in a strainer first. Have you used any of it since you have frozen it that way?
Thanks for any info!

scrappy quilter said...

I never drain my zucchini. I've always shredded it, froze it and then thawed it when I needed it. It makes such moist muffins and breads. Love that zucchini!!

Hope you get some rest after being up so late. Hugs.

Jennie said...

That Tea Party Game book is so cute. My children are all teens or I would buy it. I loved buying books for them that had activities at the end whether it was a recipe, game idea, craft or a little premade manipulative. I would sometimes make games and put them in sandwich bags stapled to the inside back cover of the book. I remember I made a matching game for “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” when it was my youngest favorite book and he loved it. I also used the for a Preschool Coop I taught.