Friday, August 07, 2009

Blog friend updates and other stuff

I was asked about a couple blog friends so I thought I'd incorporate that info with a few other recommendations...

For those who asked, I had a sweet e-mail from my friend Cheryl (aka: Copperswife) who let me know she is alive and well... just too busy to keep up with her blog right now... homeschool moms with big gardens are very busy these days. I'm sure a lot of her friends have missed her. How nice it was to have a new post from her today. :)

I actually sent a snail mail letter to my dear Jewels a few weeks ago, just to let her know I was thinking of her. You know I am quite fond of someone when I send a letter with a stamp on it... normally just reserved for my husband's elderly aunt and the occasional Grammie mail sent to New England.

How wonderful it was to "see" her on Google Mail this morning, telling us about her newest family member. For those of you who are new to this blog and want a treat... read Jewel's archives. All of them. Brew a lovely pot of tea... put the children down for their nap... and enjoy.

I thought I'd chat also about a few blogs you may not be familiar with.

Brenda Hyde's original website was one of my first sites I bookmarked a very long time ago... especially the Tea Time section. Her blog called Old Fashioned Tips is wonderful. I don't know how she keeps up the creativity year after year.

I always enjoy visiting the lovely Ravenhill Cottage blog... recently she led readers to the new blog by Victoria's Nancy Lindemeyer. I have the Ravenhill Cottage blog up today to copy a recipe (my printer is broken!).

Speaking of recipes, Bernideen's Tea Time blog has some great recipes recently. Well... always for that matter but these are zucchini recipes which I need right now. I'm still enjoying the items I received by winning one of her give aways... there is still time to sign up for her next give away (I didn't since I recently won it...) I would love to visit her lovely place.

You all know how much I love Sally Clarkson's writing, she says her daughter's writing is even better. Sarah is trying to post each day this month on her blog Itinerant Idealist. Sarah's writing truly is lovely. She reminds me so much of Stephanie so I wasn't surprised that her recommendations for their England trip helped to make it extra special. (Link has been corrected.)

Another blog to bookmark is Provoking Thoughts, which I have added to the list on my sidebar. I usually don't add a blog solely for the purpose of what it sells but their story is inspiring... and their "faith based gift items" will indeed inspire those who need to be uplifted.

I'm once again posting the link to my daughter's blog to.... ummm... encourage her to keep posting about her England trip. Okay, so she has four young kids and homeschools and a hubby and a house and a garden and church responsibilities... I'm sure she can find time to write a mini thesis on her findings at Ambleside. Hehehe...

Last, but certainly not least... I have added the picture link to Storybook Woods Tasha Tudor Day again this year to my sidebar. It is near the top... click on the picture and it will give you lots of information should you want to participate. I'll be posting about it again as a reminder to both me and others who want to participate.

Sigh... now I remember why I don't do to many of these blog recommendation posts. I have about a gazillion tabs up on Firefox. Enjoy!

Picture: Summer Front Porch;


Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Glad to hear Cheryl is doing well and is just busy! I haven't checked out Jewel's blog in a while. I'll drop by now - she always refreshes my soul! I'm not familiar with the other blogs you mentioned but I will go have a look. I've looked at so many new blogs this week while on "vacation". There are really so many wonderful, wonderful blogs out there, but who has time to be a regular reader of so many! I have a hard time keeping up with the people who read my blog! Did you check out Mia's blog that Rhonda Jean recommended? My new most favorite! Hard to believe she's only 18!



Anonymous said...


I've only been coming to your blog for a couple of weeks but I've thoroughly enjoyed it, being a fellow Midwesterner and all :-)

I tried to click on Sarah Clarkson's blog link and it come up as Bernideen's Tea Time Blog. I've just recently found Sally's and would love to turn my daughters on to Sarah's.

Thanks for your sweet and warm posts. They feel so homey and comforting!!


Storybook Woods said...

Oh great list of updates. I am thrilled for Jewels and how fun about Nacy Lindemayer. Thank you sooo much for helping to get the word out on Tasha Tudor day xoxoxo Clarice

AP said...

Brenda -
I am honored to have a special place here! Thank you so very much!


cheri said...

If only I had more hours in my day....there are so many wonderful blogs about so many topics that I am so interested in!

Thank you for these new links. I try not to spend hours in front of the computer, but 'reward' myself sporadically throughout the day with some inspirational blog reading.

And yours in one I check every day!

Sandra said...

Ahhh, thanks for mentioning my blog, Brenda. I really appreciate it.

Thanks, too, for the updates on the other blogs. Some I've visited before but some are new to me.

Sarah said...

Thanks so much for the link- how lovely! I love visiting your blog. I saw a few of Stephanie's pictures. Sigh. How I wish I could go to England again. Or at least sit in her kitchen with a cup of tea and reminisce! :)

martha said...

Your recommendations are always treasured, Brenda.
Thank you!