Saturday, August 22, 2009

After the storms

We had some horrible storms blow through a couple days ago. I was "kinda" glad the antennae was up again and the wiring all fixed so we could receive local TV in the living room. I say "kinda" because knowing a twister is coming directly over your part of the county can be good and terrifying.

I threw Sasha in the tiny bathroom and sat with my back to that door until the warning was over... having decided I'd rather face a twister as opposed to an elderly cat that was really, really unhappy. She doesn't have claws in her front paws but the back two work just fine. :)

However, the front that went through took away the heat and humidity. It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood and in the garden! I figured there would be baseball bat size zucchini and sure enough, there were a couple in my sight even before reaching the garden.

I knew already that those could be shredded and used for bread, muffins, etc. but I also found (in the Victory Garden Cookbook's section about squash) that they are great for the compost pile... which is where these ended up.

I should have been replying to e-mails this morning (you'd never know how much I love getting your e-mails by my slow response) but my brain was working rather slooooow. Instead I got a little caught up reading favorite blogs.

I got such a laugh from Mattie's description of her goats... ummm... reproducing? My mother would call such a goat a little hussy, hehehe. You can read more... here.

I know this summer I've been commenting very little on other blogs and reading mainly on my rss feed. This means I don't read all the comments for a particular post. Knowing that... I highly recommend reading the wonderful comments on yesterday's post here on CTB&Me.

There are the most special people in the world who comment here. Believe me, the comments are a whole lot more interesting than the original post! The discussion is about our children going out into the real world... here.

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