Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pantry talk -- even the experts are talking stocking up

My son told me about a recent conversation he had with his friend's father. He asked him what he considered the best investments right now. His friend's father said, "Guns and food". Christopher thought he was just kidding but... no... he meant it... guns and food. He even told him he recommended stocking food before gold (as gold is a great hedge against inflation but not practical in emergency situations).

Now, I'd just laugh this off except for what this friend's father does for a living. He's a rather well-to-do financial investment analyst! That's what he does for a living, investing other people's money. He honestly believes we are going to see far worse than we have already (forget that temporary bubble in the stock market).

It reminded me of a question Glen Beck asked two famous financial counselors (or were they economists?) on his show back when it was still on CNN. He asked the same question, "Where should people invest their money?". One of the experts looked seriously at him and said... "canned goods". The other expert agreed, adding other necessities to the list.

Kinda' makes you wonder what these experts know that we don't. As I always say, a pantry is insurance you can eat and they see it as an investment you can eat.

Anyhoo... life goes on... you can tell from the picture above that I'm still freezing zucchini, this time sliced and put in quart size ZipLoc bags, then placing four or five of those bags in a gallon size ZipLoc bag before putting in the deep freeze (labeled and dated, of course).

Stephanie told me just to slice and freeze them as is... using them in soups and other recipes. I'm going to shred most of them that we don't eat right now, though... for quick breads.

We only planted two plants of zucchini and that's giving our small family more than enough. If you're wondering why I have my coffee container there...

this is a rather unappetizing view. I recycle two of these as my under-the-sink containers for everything going out to the compost pile. They have worked very well and I love being able to reuse any plastic items over and over.


Maggie Ann said...

I didn't know you could freeze zucchini! Thanks....I'm a big fan of Glen Beck. He tells it like it is. I haven't been over to visit you for ages...hope you are having a pleasant Saturday.

Packrat said...

What a super use for the plastic coffee cans!
Amen to stocking up. If nothing happens, that would be absolutely wonderful. But, I think we should be prepared. It never hurts to have extras for when there is a bad storm or the power goes out.

Anonymous said...

I had a discussion with my husband the other day about the value of gold. I say if everyone is starving a loaf of bread would be more valuable than a bar of gold. He disagrees. Maybe I should show him your post.

Anonymous said...

Brenda, I have been away attending Creation College sponsored by the Creation Museum near Cincinnati this week. It was wonderful! But I was glad to get home and get caught up on your blog. I missed you while I was gone.

Friend Debra

Anonymous said...

Manuela had a post a short time ago about Susy Orman taking a difference stance too on a recent Opra show. I'm with you Brenda, maybe they know something no one is telling us? I agree with Glen Beck that this world/country is upside down from what we knew growing up. I just wish it would stop spinning so we could figure something out and stay on course. Of course my idea of course may not be theirs. Worrying over it does us no good. Preparing as best we can with emergency money and stocked pantrys will not hurt a thing no matter what happens. I know having a pantry has sure helped us to have one less thing to worry about several times in past years. That alone is reason enough for us. Hold on to your hats...and pantry..who knows what is up but we do know Who Is In Charge. He holds our peace. Jody

Marie said...

We had zucchini in abundance and now ours are finished. I see you have a mandolin slicer--I have trouble using mine. I have also been filling a bucket with scraps today for my husband to take to our compost. I put up a few peaches this morning and a friend brought some corn and I processed that to go in the freezer. I have peach skins and corn cobs to go out but it is so hot here today that my husband says it will be after supper before he gets on his scooter. All this stuff is going to be mighty good come winter.
I signed up to get your latest additions to your blog but I just have to come to get the ambience of your blog.

Vee said...

Aren't those coffee containers the best? We love'em around here, too.
You happen to use our brand...must be what's selling at a value price.

Guns and canned goods? Gee, I'll pass on the guns (though I wonder why he said that...) and stick with the canned goods.

Zucchini! I love that stuff grated in cakes and cookies. :D

Anonymous said...

My husband and I recently had a meeting with our financial advisor/investmant guy. He also told us that things were going to get MUCH worse before they would get better. His advice was to stay in (our investments)for the long haul, but to expect the economy to get much worse in the coming months.

I am also freezing and canning. Froze an 8 qt. basket of green beans and made 7 pints of pickles.

I froze grated zucchini years ago but ended up with watery mush. What did I do wrong?

Thanks for the pantry posts and all your information, Brenda!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Makes one think, doesn't it? I am not an alarmist--Y2K never held any fear for me, and I was amazed at all the money that was spent by people to "get ready" for it, and then it was a non-event. Still, being prepared is a good thing, andI am thinking the economy is going to tank, too. C

scrappy quilter said...

We always shred zucchini to freeze. Works perfect in muffins and breads. I totally agree with stockpiling. A great investment. It's something everyone should do...start small and keep at it.

~~Deby said...

for any of the naysayers our there, my feelings are WHAT does it hurt to be prepared ???
You can always bless others with any over flow--or if anything starts to go out of date?....It seems to be to be a wise thing---
I am glad you keep posting along these lines...
and GUNS....well, I truly believe the day is coming or the desire is there to make it harder to own one or buy one.....guns are not the problems with murder and killing just like cameras are not with pornography---it is who uses it..
Our rights are eroding, government is getting bigger and bigger.I say get them while you can..IMHO...