Saturday, July 04, 2009

4th of July - Happy Birthday America!

Okay, I had to post Faith's birthday picture last night. She is so cute, we call her "Tigger" because she is always bouncing around. I have this feeling she may think the entire country celebrates her birthday for awhile, and... yes... she looks so much like her mom did at that age... and me... and Mamaw... generations. :)

I was so excited when Faith was born on the 4th of July. It is such a wonderful holiday. The "American Experiment" is, my friends, (or perhaps... was), a miracle. Forget the revisionist teaching of history in our public schools these days.

Study the American Revolution from good books. America is and was a miracle.

There is just no human reason the rag tag army should have won the revolution. The true stories of the revolution are inspirational and wonderful to read. My sister, Jean, doesn't believe in reading biographies or autobiographies. She thinks they are more fiction than those modern novels she reads.

However, as any good homeschool emeritus type person knows... you get a very good idea of a time and place in history when you read multiple authors (as well as the original documents, diaries, and letters). These men and women were far from perfect but through them a country like no other was born... a melting pot from other countries.

We had our family 4th of July celebration yesterday when Christopher stopped by for Mom's cooking and grilling. Thus... the picture of the strawberry rhubarb pie above (strawberries and rhubarb were both on sale!). I made extra potato salad so C. could take some back to where he is living.

What are we doing on the 4th? We're going to a tea party. :)


scrappy quilter said...

Brenda, hope you have a wonderful day today. Hugs..

Marie said...

I like your 4th decorations and the pie looks delicious. My DH and I are alone but we are going to celebrate by cooking a chicken on the grill. He doesn't like to pick his flowers, but he broke down and picked my some for a vase for the table on the deck. I hope you and your DH have a wonderful day.

Mrs.B said...

Oh your porch looks so nice, love the little flags in the planters

Have a great fourth

In HIS Keeping,

~~Deby said...

Our oldest son was born on the was my due date...
Just thinking about...what state our country will be in next year this time..
hope you enjoy your tea party..
sounds good to me..

Vee said...

Oh good for you guys! I hope that you have a wonderful time at the tea party and that you feel buoyed by knowing that there are so many others who feel just as you do. Hope that you may share a little more about it.

Katie said...

A Happy 4th to you, Brenda!

I am so grateful that God allowed me to be born an American!

I was wondering if you'd please consider doing a post sometime with American history reading suggestions? For the past several years, I have been trying to fill in the gaps in my knowledge of American history, and some book suggestions would be wonderful (if you have the time and inclination, of course!).

Angela said...

Since I'm Canadian, we celebrated Canada Day on Wednesday. I wanted to stop by though and saying blessings to you and yours this 4th of July!!

Anonymous said...

Are there any biographies or autobiographies you would recommend to read? I have long felt that I should be reading some but I am not certain where to start. There was a time I was not much interested in this type of book however, I now feel drawn to knowing more about the lives of those gone before us. Thanks - love your blog.


Jennie said...

The pie looks yummy. I love to teach my kids using real books and not text books it is so much more interesting for them and for me.