Thursday, June 25, 2009

A little more about Laine's Letters

What a nice coincidence that Laine sent out a new e-mail the same day I had posted about her again. I noticed on the bottom of her e-mail there is a link where you can go (not on her website) to read her recent letters.

This is the Group List page and you can find it here... here. Hope that helps those of you who have asked about her recent letters... what timing! (Her website does not contain letters sent out after about mid-2007). Now, no person is perfect and I haven't found anyone I agree with completely.... even my younger self... but she truly is a Proverbs 31 woman.

I took one of the file folders with her "Letters" in it to the family room in late afternoon yesterday. How good it was to once again glean the wisdom she offers about living the frugal life (a necessity for them, too). I couldn't even finish the one file folder (and I have THREE) but I set aside a few which contained good recipes and food ideas.

I get amused when I watch a Food Channel show where they are offering frugal recipes. Recently the new program which is suppose to be all about saving money in the kitchen made a dinner for just under $20.00 for four people (and other menus were even higher). Frugal for them... not frugal for my family. If you want really good recipes that are delicious and low cost, then check the Recipes section of Laine's Letters and read through her "In My Home" letters... here at her website.

I'll continue reading through them and write down some menu ideas. When I was still seeing a specialist, I had a discussion with her about diabetic diets on a really, really small budget. Now, I'm certain she doesn't have to worry about budgeting (being the most well known endocrinologist in the region) but she did have experience with patients on a budget.

She suggested oatmeal, beans and legumes (like lentils), and finding veggies & fruits in season.

My favorite recipe for lentil salad is... here.

I hope you enjoyed the links yesterday. Some were just fun and others helped us create and be more reflective. I'm going back to Holy Experience again today just to read and reflect and get good ideas. :)


scrappy quilter said...

I always enjoyed Laine's letters and do really miss them. I got this letter in my e-mail yesterday. I often go back and read some of her old stuff, especially when they were paying off the house. She has some really great tips on that.

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Vee said...

So glad that she sent another letter given that you'd wondered if the snarky emails were the source of friction. I can't abide snarky. Whatever happened to the old adage: if you can't say something good... ?

Enjoy your ponderings today, Brenda.

cheri said...

I, too, printed out many of Laine's letters. As her life changed, so did mine (children leaving the nest).

I haven't reviewed her letters in a while, but still use several of her recipes: Uncle Raymond's rolls, spaghetti lasagna, homemade tortilla shells to name a few.

Her letters are definitely worth reading and re-reading.

DH's company is downsizing. Not sure where that puts us yet. Good time to be re-inspired.

Thanks for the reminder and the link.

Sharon said...

Thanks for the links to Laine's!I really like her site!Blessings~Sharon

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for answering the question about Lanie's Letters!

I guess I do need to request to be put on her email address.

I will be checking out the link you posted. I also enjoy reading her letters. She is very inspirational to get me back in the frugal mood when I sometimes slip.

I'm new here and enjoy your blog. :)


Gumbo Lily said...

I've always appreciated Laine's Letters too and have referred back to them many, many times. I'm anxious to try the link to her newest letters. Thanks.


Annabel Smith said...

I thought you might like to know Laines Letters will be abck up shortly and Laine will have a new website! AND better yet she is hoping to write more letters. I came here at one time looking for her!
The whole story is on my blog today, I thought you would like to hear this good news. With love Annabel.xx