Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The deck in mid-June

Everyone needs a place to get away from it all. I am especially able to relax when surrounded by flowers and trees.

Here are pictures of where I can go in early morning. As the heat and mosquitoes return, mid-day and evening are not always possible but morning is sweet.

Below are closeups of the two ivy geraniums I planted this year. I've never grown these before but I've long admired them in European window boxes.

I saw them at the nursery in early May the same week I saw a garden show where they were mentioned on TV. They are beautiful and just beginning to fall over the side of the containers.

This one is called Red Peppermint.

This is called Butterfly.

They will (hopefully) continue to grow lush and beautiful throughout the summer.

I'm including the picture of the grill to show our New England family we finally got it assembled. I think one should always be concerned when the words "Easy Assembly" are on the box. :)

I am so thrilled with the grill. So often God has given gifts that I've only thought of and never actually prayed for... this was one of them.


Beth said...

It is so sweet that you are grateful for the grill! I feel the same way about things. I think it is really sad that people have and have and have and never know appreciation for the good things that come our way! (That's what I'm writing about on my blog today!)
Love your deck!

freetobeme - Anita said...

You have a lovely, restful deck. Your flowers are beautiful.

Heather said...

I love that your deck is a place of refuge and calm for you - quite a pretty place to get away too - and not far from home at all! I was enjoying a cup of tea with our 11 year old girl who is suffering terrible cramps today - and sighed contently and said 'I love being home mama'. I hope home always feels like a place of refuge for our family.
I too chose ivy geraniums in magenta this spring and though they are not yet lush, they are coming. They don't like all of the rain I guess - like to have dry toes once in a while! I hope they reward us with majestic blooms soon!

Becky K. said...

I have ivy geraniums for the first time this year, as well. I love them so far.

Your deck looks much as I would like mine to look. All of your potted flowers. I have a couple of potted plants but it has been a very busy time here and any time I get has been focused on the front perennial bed.

scrappy quilter said...

What a wonderful grill. I love your quite's beautiful.

Brenna said...

I love your deck! I wish I could pop over for some iced tea. ;-)

Tracy said...

your deck looks so inviting!

Marie said...

Love your deck. I have a round table just like yours but my chairs are different. Your flowers and everything look so pretty. We enjoy our deck and we took half of it and made it into a screen porch--we enjoy using both. Enjoyed the pictures of your grandkids--they are adorable. They are so cute at that age and they grow up too fast!

Jennie said...

I love your deck the flowers are lovely. I especially like the plate rack with the flowered plates on it that is such a good idea I wouldn’t have thought to display something like that on a deck. I will be on the lookout at the thrift store for a rack to display some of mine on my front porch.