Thursday, May 07, 2009

Still writing and gardening

The above picture is taken from the bottom of my dogwood tree... looking up. I can't begin to share the magical experience this tree brings us during each morning's sunrise (good magic, Narnia magic). As the sun rises in the East, it shines through the white petals of the dogwood flowers and looks like God has turned on a switch and made the entire tree glow florescent. The scene only lasts a week or two each spring so I'm at my kitchen sink, peeking through the window on each sunny morning.

The weather today turned out to be unexpectedly gorgeous. That meant I finished the indoor gotta do's by late morning and headed outside. With the wet spring we've had, we're far behind in what needs to be done.

I must tell you, the hours spent pruning the shrubs in front of my house were very restful. There is something about handwork, whether in gardening or needlework, that slows down our world and helps us to ponder. The temperature was perfect with the slightest breeze, the birds decided to serenade whomever was around (and living at the edge of a forest, we have a lot of birds!), and the aroma of the evergreen as I clipped back branches was delightful. I didn't even sneeze very much (having a slight allergy to pine).

Since the guys were gone all day, I opened most of the windows and let the air flow through the rooms and clean out the stale air. I love open windows but my allergy sufferers don't, especially in the daytime. One of the homeschool Dads Christopher knows (who owns a heating and air conditioning business) told him everyone should open windows on a regular basis, otherwise the inside air can get worse than any outside allergy. So, I am happy to be able to let some breezes flow through today.

I'm now at the end of four days at home with no car available and both the menfolk leaving early and arriving home late. It is amazing how much I've been able to accomplish. Most of the big spring cleaning was finished by the end of last week (except for the garage) so I could concentrate on a lot of little organizing and decorating projects.

When one lives with a chronic illness, it becomes necessary to take advantage of weeks like this. Especially when you can work and rest, work and rest... getting lots done. Should there be days and weeks I'm not feeling well, having these projects finished and in place will help keep the house looking much better (not to mention creativity is good for the soul).

Jody, I was in a hurry and it was late when I posted last night. I should have given a link to the Franklin Springs website, they have the most amazing DVDs about "getting back to the land", homeschool families, agrarian lifestyles, etc. The DVDs I was talking about are part of their Homestead Blessings Collection. To go to the Franklin Springs website, click... here.

The NRB channel is one I get on Direct TV (we live far enough in the country that we have to use Direct TV along with an antennae). I think it stands for the National Religious Broadcasters network. They have quite a few shows I like that others don't carry, such as the Wednesday night Franklin Springs hour and Ravi Zacharias (off and on, usually on Monday nights).

I started putting together the book and film post this morning. I will continue to work on it and have it posted Friday evening. I hope... it may have to be Saturday. :)

Oh, I almost forgot... I added the recipe for the raspberry truffle brownies... here.


Becky K. said...

Good Morning Brenda,

I like your new music. It is so relaxing.

We have a pink dogwood that is thrilling us daily, as well. Too bad I can't see it from my kitchen window...but we enjoy it when we take the dogs out.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

cheri said...

Aren't we blessed with the ability to balance and vary our work? Outside chores, inside chores, thinking chores, mindless chores, standing chores, sitting chores. Work, rest, work, rest.

No chance for this homemaker to be bored! I'm thankful you were able to get so much done. Off to check out that raspberry truffle brownie recipe....

Cheryl (Copper's Wife) said...

It is amazing, isn't it, how much we can accomplish in a day where we work a little, rest a little. The dogwood tree is breathtaking!

Vee said...

Oh I know just what you mean about Narnia magic and the brilliance of those blooms. Spring blossoms do have a fluorescent quality. Yay for being able to get so much accomplished. Speaking of which, I must get going!

Anonymous said...

Brenda, I am sorry I am late sending my thanks to you. I don't get this channel on my tv. :( I will look at the link you provided. It is nice to know there are good shows to watch and learn from. Under again the idea of the children's Sundy School song ,"Becareful little eyes what you see" etc..there are many you wish you never even saw a few seconds of!! :( Jody