Saturday, May 09, 2009

Recipes in lieu of lists

It is quite apparent I won't be able to finish the list of books and films until early next week. Just too much going on here at home this weekend. So, I'll lead you to some recipes instead. That's where my attention was this afternoon as I'm planning what I'm making for Mother's Day.

I like to make pies for dessert once the weather turns warmer. Well, it will turn warmer even though this is the coolest spring I can remember! I thought I'd direct you to some recipes over on my other blog, those that are good spring desserts.

I was pondering what to make for Mother's Day, which is why this post came about. I don't make desserts often (it would be too hard to resist as a Juvenile Diabetic) but I do enjoy making them for special occasions and if we have a Sunday dinner here at home.

One of my husband's favorite pies is rhubarb. I just took the time to post my favorite rhubarb pie recipe for you fellow rhubarb lovers. It is called Peoria Rhubarb Cream Pie (from Peoria, Illinois) and it is no fail yummy. I used to use a recipe from my sister's mother-in-law but it didn't always turn out right. This one is good every time, it can be found... here. I'll add a picture of this pie the next time I bake it.

I'm making a key lime pie this weekend. That recipe is... here. It's a great pantry recipe, which is why it is the star of the dessert show this weekend. I have a bottle of key lime juice in the pantry (needs to be refrigerated only after opening), one last graham cracker pie crust saved back, a can of sweetened condensed milk getting cold in the frig, and Cool Whip defrosting from the freezer.

I'll make key lime squares with leftover key lime juice (although the juice lasts for a long time in the refrigerator after being opened). That recipe is... here. I made these for Christopher's graduation open house last June and everyone raved about them. I love this recipe, it's a little like lemon bars but different enough to be special (don't tell them how easy they are). These make a good compliment to serve with another bar cookie (like brownies) when hosting a crowd... or a big family. :)

I have also used the leftover key lime juice where lemon juice is called for in a recipe with excellent results. For instance, I have used it in my lemon Jell-o cake recipe and I liked it even better than with just lemon juice... recipe here. This is also a great pantry recipe.

I find the Nellie & Joe's Famous Key West Lime Juice in the juice aisle in most grocery stores. Unlike bottled lemon juice, this stuff is great. I realize key lime juice may not be available outside the USA, in that case just use the juice of limes!

Okay, enough high calorie ideas for now.


Anonymous said...

You answered just what I was thinking...."What do I do with the leftover juice?" Sounds great! Just hearing from you is great...any particular subject can wait. Your home life is the most important of course! We will wait no matter how long for your next post. You have many loyal fans Brenda!! Jody

kimmy said...

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I have mine as "coffee books and Me.." I was actually about to put the word tea however, i decided to choose between coffee and tea. I love reading books while drinking a cup of coffee.. what a coincidence.

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