Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Prinicple of the Path, a book review

Andy Stanley has written an excellent book about a simple premise. One we should all know deep down inside but so often think we are exempt from... that being where we are now is a result of the path we have taken by the decisions and choices we have made in our life.

Reading it is like sitting down with a counselor who is taking one through the decisions they have made in life and helping them realize how they possibly went down the right... or wrong... path in life.

It would make an excellent book to give to a friend or family member who has not been making wise choices. I could see it as part of a weekly study for high school or college age students, each chapter opening up many areas for discussion about the importance of even the smallest decisions we are making and how they affect where we end up in the future.

The only problem I had with the book is the author's repeating himself over and over. I understand he's trying to get the point through but after awhile I wanted to say... "I get it already!". Once you can get past the way it is written, it is a great book and has much to offer in today's society.

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