Friday, May 29, 2009

Getting ready for family

I have family arriving Saturday night so I'll be posting a little less during the next week.

The biggest difference you will notice is the lack of a Sunday Afternoon Tea. I do plan to get some pictures up of our raised bed garden and how we're building it in phases. So far it has worked well, even if we are planting some items late.

It has been good to be eating out of the pantry for a couple of weeks. I'm finding out where I need to add some items in the future. I'll write more about what I've found in a week or two.

We're also eating out of the freezer, finding what needs to be used first is easy with the way I organized it. I have to make getting in and out of the freezer as easy as possible and this has worked out great. You can find that post... here.

With the freezer half full, I decided to put the five pound bags of flour back in for a few nights just to make sure they have been completely debugged as it has already been humid in the garage off and on this spring.

Can you believe June is almost here? It seems I just put the 2009 calendar on the wall!

Picture: One of the peonies from my bush in the backyard.


Linda said...

Just wanted to say you have been one of the blogs that has inspired me to deepen the pantry. I now can cook a meal without going to the grocery store. It's nice when I'm not feeling well. Just wanted you to know your blog is an inspiration.

Sharon said...

I love peonies and yours are lovely!Husband and I too eat from what we have frozen,etc as we too live on his disability checks(never thought this what life would be for us at 47 and 57).But anyhow just wanted to say I am enjoying your posts here and have for quite awhile now.Love to you from Oregon~Sharon

scrappy quilter said...

Have a wonderful week Brenda, visiting with family. Love your peonie.