Saturday, March 21, 2009

Warm and snuggly on the sofa

I have a doozy of a headache today, most likely weather changes are the culprit. It's on the chilly side again and a jacket felt good against cold breezes. However, we continue to see averages get a little warmer each week and the green of daffodils leaves are popping up... even if the actual flower hasn't arrived.

The cheesecake baked in a 9 x 13 dish was a huge success. It will be a perfect dessert for a pot luck or even a dinner this spring. It will easily feed eight adult guests dessert (or my two guys). I'll get the recipe on my recipe blog as soon as possible with a borrowed computer.

When I was driving home yesterday, there was a conversation going on about the David Wilkerson warning (on the Moody Channel). They said John Piper has come out against it (whom I admire) because it sounded too much like the Y2k warnings but most well known Christian leaders have such respect for Wilkerson that they are saying it wouldn't hurt to buy some extra groceries and such.

The speaker on Moody said the very thing I have been thinking... it is completely unlike Wilkerson to make put out an urgent warning. Instead he has been a pastor and writer who has generally warned of difficult days ahead. So I deepened my pantry as much as I could afford at the time... far from what I'd like but enough given God's provision.

There are times I have this voice in my head telling me I shouldn't talk about warnings and scary stuff like the need to deepen our pantry because people want to hear about tea time and books instead.

Of course I will still talk about them but right now I feel such a sense of urgency within, as if I must share my feelings about the need to stock the pantry and think through what may be needed in case of extended unemployment or an emergency. I also believe prices will start rising a lot since the government is printing money... and printing more money... so whatever we can put back or get fixed or build on (etc.) now will probably never be cheaper.

Speaking of books, I just finished reading Jack Hanna's new autobiography and LOVED it. I've appreciated his family friendly shows for a long time. It's rare to find someone who writes about animals and zoos who is a dedicated Christian family man as well. Jungle Jack: My Wild Life would be perfect to give a young person who loves animals. It's truly a fascinating story and written in such a way you feel like he's sitting across from you at a coffee shop.

Well, I am now going to brew a pot of decaf green tea and prop my feet up... enjoying a little time alone while the guys are in town watching the NCAA tournament with a group of friends. Perhaps this is the time to put a girly movie like Sense & Sensibility in the DVD?


Tracy said...

Brenda, I am learning so much from your posts on deepening the pantry. I do hope you will continue to share. :)

hmsclmom said...

Jack Hanna is a wonderful and generous man. Years ago, he and my father met at a party that a mutual friend was throwing. When my father told him that that we were homeschooling our boys, he sent us an autographed book, some movies and a beautiful soundtrack. He just did it out of the goodness of his heart. It was such a surprise to my father and to us. :)

Vee said...

Sorry to hear about nagging headache. Hope that by now you've sent it packing. My worst headaches are those I wake with. Those take all day to get lose.

I, too, am deepening the pantry as much as the budget allows. Hopefully, I'm not doing this based on any fear, but rather on practicality. As much as I admire Wilkerson, I know that he is, after all, human. So I will take it all with a grain of salt and ask the Lord directly for discernment.

Your cheesecake must be amazing if it's enough for eight average adults or your two guys! LOL!

scrappy quilter said...

I totally agree we need to deepen our pantry. Keep on sharing your knowledge with all of us.

Sue said...

I too get headaches based on weather changes. I believe the barometer dropping or rising affects the pressure which can cause migraines.

Please stop by my blog. You are one of the ladies I had in mind when I posted today...showing off my 1/2 price Goodwill goodies.

Hope you feel much better tomorrow!

lynda said...

I think Dave Wilkerson does have good insight. The nay sayers need to tell themselves that even if they don't believe it- they can stock up on what's on sale to save money later. Fri. another dear friend called to tell me her husband was laid off. So when we stock up- it gives up opportunity to share. Me I believe in warnings.

Anonymous said...

I admire David Wilkerson and since he and others have sounded the alarm bell it does have me concerned. But of course we know God is still in charge and in reality we should always be prepared practically and spiritually. There are just tooooo many things that keep changing and shifting etc in this old world now a days. Can't keep up and have given up trying. My sanity is more inportant! :) ...Speaking of good things...Yes Jack Hanna is such a real person. No pretence. I enjoy him so. It was so nice to hear more about him and his family. Thank you. Jody

mylife said...

Just love your advice. I am a homeschooling mom and deeping my pantry has been weighing heavy on my heart. Thanks for your wisdom. Some days I feel overwhelmed with it all, but I have just decided to start small and let my pantry grow from week to week. Thanks for your encouraging words.

LizBeth said...

We follow the market pretty close. [Shed tears here. Bye-bye retirement.] We don't buy into the "spend to stimulate" lunacy. Like one smart broker said a few weeks ago, Save, and do it in canned goods. Good advice. Also a good time to have grain stored. You can get a non-electric mill pretty reasonably even these days. A six-gallon bucket of wheat will go a long ways. Very nutritious. Add good bread to beans. Store lots of vegetables deep in green and orange, and you are in business. Prudence is always smart. Sure appreciate your pantry deepening info. Liz

window into our life of love, joy, and adventures! said...

I so appreciate the information you give us about deepening our pantry! We have started to do this and it feels to know that I can be ready for anything...not just to feed my family but if circumstances allow to help others out there that might need a meal or a bag of groceries.

jAne said...

I'm sorry you're experiencing such a headache, Brenda. Praying for a quick end to it. <><

I didn't know Jack Hanna is a Christian. How wonderful, and fitting, based on his character. :o)

Share away ! about planning for an uncertain future, Brenda. Please do! I'm doing so as well.

In addition to stocking my pantry as the Lord provides, I'm now making our bread, tortillas, etc from scratch. This is saving approximately $10 per week for our family..that's $480 a year! I'm also making laundry soap from scratch, saving our family about $170 per year and enjoying life with less chemicals. Other changes are in the works as well.

I'm simplifying my belongings to include those things I truly love and actually use. I believe a simpler existence leads to a non-cluttered mind as well. For me anyway. ;o)


Heather said...

I hope you Sunday is headache free and that you are enjoying the blessing of a day of rest and worship! I think your encouragement to be prepared is quite helpful and timely. We are doing all we can to deepen the pantry as well as I see prices rising each week almost. We are doing pretty well, but I need to be more intentional and organized about it. We have plenty of jam from last summer, but we can't live on jam! Are there lists and guidelines available for stocking up for a family? We have a lot of meat in the freezer, but if we lose power we are without a backup generator to keep it frozen - that bothers me, but we are saving for one. It's just another area that we need to learn to trust the Lord in.