Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Thoughts from my morning quiet time

I have another Pantry Talk in the works but it is still too... jumbly... to post. Sometimes my fingers type faster than my brain thinks, which leaves me wondering... huh? :)

Gosh it was hard to get out of bed this morning with very cold weather and corresponding sinus pressure. Staying in bed was not an option as Christopher had to drop his dad and I off at our mechanic's place to pick up the old car (which was quite easily fixed). I knew I'd better have a quiet time if I was going to make it through the day.

So... I turned on the light beside the living room sofa and then took advantage of the feature on the coffee pot which lets me take the carafe out before it is done brewing... that is how much I needed the caffeine this morning. My Pooh mug couldn't wait any longer for the coffee to meet the Splenda and cream. Okay, so my mug could wait but I couldn't.

I curled up with the one light making it possible to read Holy Habits, sipping hot coffee, and pondering. I'm not certain why but I remembered a cute quote I'd read at one time... "If God had a refrigerator He would put your picture on it.". I love that as the side of my refrigerator is where important documents end up... pictures, appointment cards, receipts we need to keep handy such as after the purchase of textbooks each semester... those items that under different circumstances would not be considered valuable achieve a place of importance on the refrigerator.

While reading, I looked closely at the bookmark I use in my "quiet time" books (those books I read mainly during morning quiet time along with my Bible). To anyone else but me it wouldn't have any value at all. It is a simple, red piece of construction paper with the word "Mom" written out in such a way that only I know what it means. A preschool teacher had laminated the paper and punched it at the top, wrapping a ribbon around the empty space to make a bookmark for Mother's Day one year. It truly is a piece of artwork only a mother could love, made by the hands of a small boy.

That started me pondering about how we have value because God loves us. I'm certain in the world at large, I have no value whatsoever. However, there are certain people in the universe who value me... a handful to whom I am a valuable member of the family. Especially to men who do not know how to cook. :)

But in the Light of Eternity, I'm not so different as that preschool bookmark would be to another person. The difference? The one who created the Universe loves me and that brings infinite value... to those of us who are the least, the little, the last, and the lost. It is nothing we do but everything that He has done...

and... it makes me smile to think He has my picture on His frig. :)

Yes, it was a very good quiet time, indeed.

Back tomorrow (hopefully) with a pantry post that has been, um... edited.


scrappy quilter said...

Your words are always so encouraging. Can't wait for tomorrows.

Senkyoshi said...

It's an amazing thing that the God of the universe loves ME!

Helen said...

Thank you Brenda, that was a lovely 'word for today' for me to take with me as I go about today. It was so simple, but just exactly what I needed, the thought that God loves me so much that he chooses to put my picture on HIS fridge.

learningtofollow said...

As a mom, I know what it's like to love my child just because he/she is my child. Even when they are "less than lovable" I love them immensely. How much more must God love us!

Vee said...

Is that a Max Lucado quote? I love it no matter who said it! Sometimes, my mind just doesn't bend around how much He loves me. I know that He loves YOU, but me?

Anonymous said...

Brenda, thanks for your wise words.

REALLY like this post!