Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Tea

Sigh... a combination of Christopher needing his computer and my being too tired to think by the time he arrived home combined to keep me away. However, husband and son are at a restaurant near campus watching the Big Ten Tournament finals so Sunday has been peaceful... church, a light lunch of crackers and cheese... a nap... some computer time. :)

My pastor talked about the David Wilkerson warning this morning. I was wondering what he thought about it. He reminded us that David Wilkerson sent out a similar warning just weeks before 9/11. I'd forgotten about that... hmmmm. I bought a few extra nonfood items yesterday, using coupons that were to expire soon... just something small to add to the pantry.

If there is ever a time when our homes must be warm, cozy, comfortable, and a place that brings us peace and joy... it is when the world around us is in such turmoil. Not that any home is perfect but at least it can be our own little haven. When I walk through my front door and see my cozy, book filled living room to my left and the lace curtains of the dining area in front of me... I know I can shut the world out for awhile.

Spending a morning in my kitchen can be peaceful to me and provide good food to bring the guys happiness (yes, the way to a man's heart truly is through his stomach... at least in my family... feed them!). When the freezer and pantry are full and I know there are plenty of eggs and milk in the refrigerator, I have within my little kitchen domain the ability to put together all kinds of wonderful recipes with basic ingredients... an artist with flour, sugar, butter, eggs, veggies, meat, grains... and some pretty dishes to serve them on.

How different I feel when I've had a difficult day and someone asks me what is for dinner at 4:30... and I don't have a clue. Then the kitchen is my prison and my family a demanding warden holding me hostage. With a little planning, that doesn't happen often and they really are much nicer about it than that... which is why I keep a few items that can be fixed quickly.

People are far from perfect and difficult circumstances will bring out either the best or the worst in all of us... often both sides in the same day. That's why I so want to share how much easier it is if we have some amount of preparation for those difficult times. Preparing for them doesn't make them happen anymore than buying automobile insurance causes us to have a car accident.

Whether we prepare and deepen a pantry, purchase extra books at the library sale to build a home library, check out the used DVD store for family friendly movies to have on hand, purchase a few new board games to learn, make it a family project to declutter the house and plant flowers in the front yard, or decide to have a family picture taken to display in an important area of the house (and sending a copy to Grammie)... whatever we do is a reflection on who we are as a family and makes our home personal as well as lovely.

Some items that make me happy are not worth any money but they say "HOME"... like the Beanie Baby robin that I move around the house... the robin being the family bird (that story having been told many times). I also have a Beanie Baby turkey but he comes out only in autumn. Hmmm... a family turkey?

I rearranged some teacups in my corner china cabinet last week. While all are beautiful, I especially love the teapot given me by Stephanie while in college and my birthday teacup she purchased while we were visiting Old Sturbridge Village a few years ago. I hope every home has a combination of those "things" that make our heart sing because they remind us of people and past events.

It won't be too much longer when we can bring out the deck tables and chairs, then in May plant colorful flowers in containers... creating an extra "room" to the house. Another place to go, along with the rocking chair on the front porch, to bring one's Bible and cup of coffee in the early warmth of the morning to ponder... and study... and pray. To prepare us and give us strength for the day. For all the beauty I can create means nothing if I'm crabby and cranky to live with. :)

We didn't have any choice over where we were born or in what time period. We may feel we have no choice about where we live in the day of following job openings. However, we have one area of our life that is within our control, where our actions and decisions can create a lovely haven in the midst of a world gone mad. Home... whether a mansion or a room of our own... we all need a place that is our own.


Sue said...

Wise words, Brenda!

Makes me want to confront this upcoming week in a new mindset!

Tracy said...

An inspiring post as always, Brenda! Thanks for sharing your sentiments being prepared for the unexpected. :)

Vee said...

Yes, that's it exactly. It's important to recreate a bit of heaven on earth for ourselves and those we love. It doesn't have to be fancy and even small touches make home a haven and a blessing. I wonder how many of us audibly sigh upon arriving home...I do! :D

I shopped yesterday with Wilkerson's comments in mind. He has softened his original stance considerably in the days since he first announced that prophetic word. My family discussed this today and it was interesting to see how each one felt about it. It's also important to know that this word must come from several you know of any others who are saying a similar thing?

Hope that Christopher continues to feel better each day.

Thanks, Brenda...take care...

Stacy said...

Thank you so much for sharing your life and your thoughts. I have enjoyed reading your blog for the past couple months~

Cherrie said...

Thank you for your posts! I look forward to every one!
May God Bless You!

Mindy said...

Hi Brenda, I read that same word last week. My Pastor gave it to me to read...very sobering...but must be wise and take heed. Hope this finds ;you and yours well.

scrappy quilter said...

More wise words. Thanks for sharing your home and heart.

btw - I think it's always wise to be prepared, with when there isn't tough economic times. We never know just when we might need it.