Thursday, February 05, 2009

Comments on comments

I know I've missed answering some questions from past posts. I'll go through them and look again soon.

As for recent comments:

The picture of the pantry is from last year.

Some items on the shelf may not seem frugal but each family is so different in their needs (no one commented on this but I'm adding it). My husband purchases Amy's organic soups on the Senior Citizen discount day at the health food store each week and at Wal Mart. He will open one for lunch or dinner when I'm not feeling well. Because of his environmental allergies, he has to be very careful of what he eats.

I will probably be repeating a lot of what I've written before but next week I want to concentrate on deepening the pantry (along with two or three book reviews).

Other items on the Priority List have included household and car maintenance. The only time my hubby and I disagreed was when he wanted to use bookstore income to have the deck professionally treated and I wanted to use the money to further stock the pantry. The previous owner had warned us that was the one thing he didn't get to and it was past due when he sold the house (two years earlier).

As I prayed, I felt the Lord remind me that hubby does have a Master's Degree in Wood Technology (and Furniture Engineering) so I'd better listen to him. We usually try to do everything ourselves but he felt the hit he would take from chemicals would not be wise. So I agreed and the deck was transformed... not to mention safe in a very wet spring and summer and icy winter. We have a five year guarantee, too. I had to admit I was wrong but only in that case. :)

Speaking of which, I never mind anyone correcting me (as in the FDR quote). Sometimes the brain spark plugs aren't, um... sparking... correctly. (No comments from the general area of New England.)

The comments that have caused me to become so upset I nearly gave up blogging were people who questioned my integrity, my character, and my honesty. They either did not read carefully or they were "hit and miss" trolls who feel they have to leave ugly comments... and why they do this to me and to others is beyond me.

I receive snarky comments like "I'm bragging about my thrift store finds" but they don't cause me to get upset.

However, telling me I am not a good Christian because I go to food pantries and I'm taking food from people who need it more is coming against me personally. Obviously that person had never read my blog more than five minutes since I'm very honest about living on S.S. Disability, not to mention having lost one-third of our Social Security when Christopher graduated from high school.

My husband has worked temporary, seasonal work at the bookstore for about four years. Although sometimes he can get a little confused, it is not enough that he can't work at the bookstore. However, there are parts of the year which can leave him bedridden due to the environmental allergies. Usually starting in May and continuing through November.

That brings me to... the many comments and e-mails I receive thanking me for being so honest. That's why I am here and that is entirely what keeps me going. That is my "ministry". A friend used to tease me (but only slightly teasing ) that she felt God has allowed us tribulations so we can teach others to live in great Tribulation. Sigh... I'd just as soon have been chosen for another purpose but He is in charge. :)

We applied for and just received the $40.00 "coupon" to purchase a converter box to use on the old TV.

We do have an Aldi's in the larger town close to us. If I can't find what I need on sale nearby, it is my backup option (especially for things like milk). The next time I'm near Aldi's, I plan to stop for cans of green beans since I missed the big end-of-season sale at my regular store last Fall. We are fortunate to live in an area that has a lot of places like thrift stores, Goodwill (three within easy driving distances), a Habitat For Humanity store, etc. We have two libraries near us which have excellent book sales a few times a year.

This should answer recent questions. I hope to be back soon with another post and to answer a few e-mails. I'm in competition with hubby over computer time now. He works our budget on Excel spread sheets. What can I say... once an engineer, always an engineer.


Anonymous said...

I would never comment on what I see in anothers pantry. I too have what some would consider high priced health foods in mine. I too got a terrific deal as I get mine at the dint store for the same price they sell the house brands. Your's is like medicine for your husband and so totally worth the money for him. God made us idividuals. I hope you are able to gather in more food and supplies for your pantry. I know you have gathered in so many ideas and links for our use for sure. Thank you for using your talents so wisely. Jody

mom2six said...

Your blog is definitely a ministry - it has ministered to me so much. Your wisdom and pantry entries have really touched a cord in me. I must put a few pantry photos on my blog to show you how you have inspired me. I think you have been right to encourage readers to deepen the pantry. It would seem hard times are coming and being prepared is part of God's wisdom to us. Thanks for all your research. I have used your sidebar to help me along as I have never had a deep pantry - only what was needed for the week. In Jesus!

Anonymous said...

Brenda, I "deepened my pantry with about six or eight 1#bags of black-eyed peas. I made a soup with some and, although I usually like all soups, I do not like this one. Do you have a good recipe using black-eyed peas? And as for the canned food, I try to read the labels to see whether the food contaied therein is really worth it nutritionally. I have stocked up on lots of dried beans and keep them in the freezer but this New Year's special on black-eyed peas has gotten the better of me.
Thanks. It's fun "visiting" with you about these things. One more question - What do you say to friends who brush you off when you try to suggest we all need to stock up a bit? I'm feeling like the Little Red Hen but will probably end up feeding them my "bread" when they are in need.

Mrs. L.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! I just thought - I could give "them" my blackeyed peas. :-)
Mrs. L.

scrappy quilter said...

I've learnt so much from you. I think each family is different in what they have in their pantry and it's not for me to question. I think being prepared is what God has called us to do in these times. I know He certainly has for us. Living on a fixed income means one needs a pantry to get them through.

Elizabeth said...

You know, you are brave to show anyone your pantry!! (For more reasons than just those who comment!!) We have many dietary restrictions in our family too...and food does take up a lot more of our money than I wished it did. (Yes, I do what I can to be thrify....learned a lot online from some others, using coupons etc. and even Amazon is a great place to get some of our required canned goods with free shipping if over $25!!) But if we do not eat healthy, and we get sick... or sicker...then what have we gained? I love the old Indian saying: "If you would be my friend, walk a mile in my mocassins." The remarks that sometimes are made on blogs is precisely why I do not have skin is not thick enough!! And honestly it is SO hard to always understand others when we only have the printed page, and no body or facial language or even a chance to ask more questions to clarify. I have found that often words I use in one way are certainly NOT used by perhaps someone else with the same meaning!! English is not the perfect language!! (Sometimes I think people take offense too, when none was intended!)

Paula said...

I am curious what you did for your deck. My son (long story short) has a very very hard time with allergies. We are even to the point of having to rip up the carpet in his room. Thank you.