Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another post surgery update

Yawn... I am so sleepy. Christopher had a frightening allergy/asthma attack in the middle of the night with chest pains and trouble breathing. I gave him an antihistamine and his dad helped him from his bedroom back to the sofa. I turned the TV on to a channel that plays The Worship Network in the middle of the night... the medicine and the music helped a great deal and he soon fell sound asleep with no pain or trouble breathing.

I stayed up with him about 1 1/2 hours and went back to bed... sleepy but wide awake! That is always a frightening experience. We're not sure what brought it on but he did have red Jell-O for the first time in at least a year.

Thankfully, I was able to drive him to the college late morning and help him into the building where the college president and other college administrators would take Christopher and two other college students to the important lunch. I had to laugh... on the way to the college he asked for a refresher course in "what silverware to use when".

He said his speech went very well but he was in a lot of pain by the time I picked him up from the hotel where the luncheon was held. He didn't want to take a pain pill before going as it can make him want to throw up... not something one wants to do in front of important community members. If his surgeon had not said he could do this, I wouldn't have let him off the sofa. :)

He showed me the achievement certificate they gave him... oh, that is who gave him this award? Wow. They only reward people they see as future community leaders. I would be impressed even if I wasn't his Mom (I impress easily where my children, son-in-law, and grandchildren are concerned).

I want to write more at another time about how the community college has been a wonderful experience for us, first as homeschoolers and now as a basis for college credits at a fraction of university costs. As I reminded Christopher on the way home, he is able to stand out at the college. At the university, he is one smart kid among 40,000+ really, really smart kids.

Next I plan to (finally) start the promised week of Pantry Talk posts. I wasn't sure how to go about them, having written a lot about the pantry, until I read The Tightwad Gazette III that Manuela sent me (thank you!). It inspired my ponder. :)

I'll post either tonight or in the morning. When one is swiping another's computer... one finds it hard to plan when larceny is the easiest.

PS: To Peej (aka: Peggy Jo)... we'll come for a visit when Western Michigan doesn't have 500 feet of snow on the ground. I expect a good ground melt by July?


scrappy quilter said...

Hoping Christopher continues on in his healing. You have every right to be a proud mom.

Nancy said...

If you can find it, I recommend you read, "The Complete Tightwad Gazette", and savor the success stories at the end of the book. They are very inspiring.
Glad to hear your Christopher is doing well now.

Sue said...


Glad to hear Christopher is healing well. Take care of him...and yourself.

Enjoyed reading your post about the "bittersweet memories". I can really relate to that phrase right about now...
God bless!

nanatrish said...

I'm so happy Christopher is recovering well. You should be so proud of him. I am very impressed. I love it when I hear such uplifting stories. You have done such a wonderful job with your children. The Lord is so good!

Anonymous said...

It is doubly hard to have extra physical problems on top of the pain of healing. So sorry he had to go through more. It was wonderful though, that he was able to make his speech and be there to get his award. I agree with all nanatrish said also. Your family sure has a cheering section here through your blog and from all who know you all. God is always there for us. Jody

freetobeme - Anita said...

I'm so glad to hear reports of Christopher. God is good. I hope he doesn't overdo. You're a good mom.