Tuesday, January 13, 2009

An Inconvenient Season

January in my part of the world is definitely inconvenient. There is a harsh, bitter, cold wind blowing and the temperatures are falling even more as I write. We moved into our "bigger house" in January with a -20 wind chill. We moved into this house a few years ago, just as December met January. We obviously have not always planned our house purchases wisely (do not ever let a Realtor tell you no one buys homes in mid-winter). :)

My circumstances have been inconvenient for awhile but I am here in my cozy, warm home slowly chipping away at long past due projects. I work quite a bit in the morning hours, do a little less in the early afternoon... and leave the late afternoons and evenings for contemplation, reading, and a little TV. Tomorrow I hope to answer long overdue e-mails.

We once again are facing a major health struggle, this time it is Christopher who must go to the hospital for some tests. He can use your prayers for healing as well as peace in the storm. This is also his first week of the second semester. He is taking Trig, Calculus (yes... at the same time), Advanced Chemistry, Computer Programming, and the second semester of his Physics class. Sickness and a possible surgery at this time is not convenient.

One of the many reasons I love good literature is how it helps me relate to the world around me. I think so often of the C. S. Lewis space trilogy and how our world is called The Silent Planet (Out of the Silent Planet is the first book in the trilogy). It is called The Silent Planet as it is the world where evil resides, man sinned, and the Maker of the Universe was killed by His creation... well, that is a Reader's Digest version. Those living on other planets do not discuss ours...

Here... in this Silent Planet in which we are pilgrims and sojourners, life is and always will be inconvenient. Stephanie agreed with me as I was asking her to pray for her brother... "there is always "something", isn't there?".

As I've been gaining renewed physical strength, I have enjoyed seeing the house return to a place of serenity as clutter is chipped away slowly. This morning I went through a box of papers and "stuff" whose contents have been a burden to me since November. I threw away that which is no longer important or... due to the passing of time... is no longer in need of a decision. I also took out all the Christmas cards and letters received since Thanksgiving.

As I read each card again and wrote a (much much belated thank you) to friends, I was seeing Christ in my life... ministering to me through people... answering not only needs but some heartfelt desires.

As the Ancients would build altars of Remembrance for God's provision... of the many times He entered into this realm in which we live to lead and help His Creation... I was able to build a mental altar to Him as I read cards, notes, letters, and later... e-mails.

Most of my necessary work for the day has finished, only one load of laundry in the dryer remains until it is time to begin dinner for that time when Christopher can pick up his dad from work. I will take advantage of the temporary quiet in the house to (finally) begin my time of study and pondering. I still haven't written that list of things I want to learn, yet.

I used to let inconvenient seasons in my life cause me to freeze in motion... stop what I had planned or what I wanted to do. Then, when I realized there are very few times in our lives when we are not facing some kind of inconvenience, life went on and I pushed through circumstances... depending on God's opening and shutting of doors, His leading, His provision, and His Grace.

If you think of it as you read, send up a prayer for healing for Christopher! Thank you. :)

Picture: Peaceful Evening by Robert Duncan; allposters.com


freetobeme - Anita said...

Yes, I'll pray for Christopher. I'm a friend of his...he just doesn't know it or me! Please let us know how he makes out.

Anonymous said...

Truly, life is seldom free from the "inconvenient." I have wasted so much time and mental energy waiting for the inconvenient to pass, only to be confronted by something new and unforeseen. You are right, we have to continue on, living, loving, doing our chores, pursuing relationships, in the midst of uncertainty. This is hard for me, but I do not think God has given me the luxury of withdrawing into hibernation. To trust in His favor and His love for us in the midst of our weakness is what is asked, and our faith and hope will not go unrewarded. I will pray for you and your family. It has been an encouragement to me during a hard period of my life to read your words of insight and just to know there are other women out there following Christ in the midst of daily life. Thanks,

Quinne said...

Hi Brenda :) I'm praying with you for Christopher!

And I thank you for this advice: " I used to let inconvenient seasons in my life cause me to freeze in motion... stop what I had planned or what I wanted to do...I realized there are very few times in our lives when we are not facing some kind of inconvenience..."

Love & hugs, Q

Anonymous said...

I am normally a lurker here who really enjoys your blog. Especially because you are diabetic and will share at least a bit of your life in dealing with that beast. I'm new to the world of adult onset type one and praying for wisdom in dealing with it. Your way of dealing gives me hope that I can (with God's help) make it through this. He has been amazing during those times of injecting, as I have an extreme fear of shots.
Anyway, my reason for coming out of lurkdom was to say that I will keep Christopher (my son in-law and grandson are Christophers) in my thoughts and prayers.


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I am praying for your son, Christopher! You reminded me of Winston's Churchill's saying that most of the work in the world had been done by people who didn't feel particularly well at the time. I am too prone to come to a standstill if I don't feel "particularly well", but it isn't always the best idea.

OTH, sometimes it is and that balance is something I'm always striving for.

gail said...

Good morning Brenda,

While you are so cold in your neck of the woods, we in Sydney, Australia are struggling with high temps and local bushfires which are quite close to houses. It would be an honour to pray for Christopher and for you as you await his results.
Keep warm and blessings

Anonymous said...

Praying for Christoper - and you! It is hard being the mom during a time like this.

I am mostly a lurker, but know I read daily and am blessed by your thoughts and attitudes. I appreciate you.

Lori in PA

Patty said...

Hi brenda, I will be praying for Christopher. Plese keep us updated.

Stay warm and cozy,

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful article. Prayers for you and your family.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Yes, saying a prayer for Christopher even now...

"Always something" applies to all of us I'm afraid. But how completely inconvenient for Christopher just as he gets started on his second semester with so many challenging courses.

scrappy quilter said...

I will definitely be praying for Christopher. Another very timely post for me.

nanatrish said...

I will be praying for Christopher. He must have so much on his mind with those hard classes and knowing he is sick. I pray the blessings of the Lord on him and you too, Brenda. Life is so very challenging, but we do have Our Provider. I have missed reading your posts and I am anxious to catch up. Please keep us posted on Christopher. Keep warm!

Sandy M. said...

You know what? I love your posts. I feel the same about your daughter's. Her blog has a familiar sound to yours! Seems that apple didn't fall far from the tree. I will be praying for your son. I know what you mean about "there's always something." As I get older (I'm 50), I understand better why people long for heaven.

Blessings to you,

Plano, TX

Lady Laurie said...

Dear Brenda,
Saying prayers for Christopher and hope all will be well.

Thank you for all you post, I find your blog a comfort in this sometimes crazy world.

lady jane said...

(((tender embrace)))

praying for Christopher <><

martha said...

Yes, peace in the storm for all of you. Please keep us posted.

Elizabeth said...

I enjoy your blog, I am new to blogging but I am enjoying it so much !
I am praying for Christopher.