Monday, December 08, 2008

A little bit of this and that

I'm certain the crazy Midwestern weather is behind my inability to shake this "nose, throat, and ear" infection... or whatever. At least I could sip a cup of hot coffee this morning without as much pain. Hubby was running errands this morning before the "ice-turning-into-rain" hits (just imagine how slushy all that snow will become).

He stopped on the way home to purchase a couple lemons for me so I can brew some tea and add a lemon-local honey mixture. Mom used to give me Kentucky whiskey mixed with honey. As with most in that generation, she always kept whiskey and brandy for medicinal purposes... I don't. Tea will have to do. Speaking of Mom, Sunday would have been her birthday. Yes, December 7th... a day that did go down in infamy.

Anyway, this "stuff" in my had has me a bit woosey. I received Mrs. Whaley's Charleston Kitchen in the mail on Saturday. It was the other item (besides the Lang Calendar) I ordered with my Amazon credit... another of those wonderful opportunities to order from a used book seller where the postage was twice as much as the cost of the book! It arrived in "brand new" condition. Just the perfect book to read when one is rather woosey and one feels like a "bear of little brain"... although that title now officially goes to Jewels, at her request.

I have been able to keep up with blogging but not e-mailing or letter writing or cooking or even doing dishes (hubby did them for me yesterday). I felt a tad better this morning so I fixed a big breakfast for Christopher as he sometimes forgets to eat lunch on Mondays when he has school, then work, then school again, then to the University libraries for more studying.

As I was rinsing breakfast dishes this morning, getting them ready for a hot and sudsey bath later, I saw little flashes of red on the white snow. Christopher had noticed them first and as I saw them this morning, great joy filled my heart. For within the large bushes at the wooden fence, exactly in a straight view from my kitchen window, is a family of cardinals.

Is there anything more beautiful than a cardinal in the snow in a world gone all grey? I have enjoyed their beauty as I did dishes each winter we've lived here.

If I am at all tempted to get down from the many limitations around me... limited health and a very limited cash flow, I can look around at God's unlimited creation. How like Him to bring a family of cardinals to nest directly in our view. How wonderful to once again see the sunset in the evening through the um... naked... trees. For all I dislike driving on snow and ice, I adore the sight of snow in the forest. Soft beauty all around.

Sigh, I need that tea with lemon and honey now. Hopefully it will help. Jean says it will and she is usually right. I will do a little reading, perhaps watch a DVD, rest up and get over this malady. I'll even take the vitamin C horse pills hubby keeps giving me (for he is correct, diabetes and infections do not mix so vitamin C is a must). Cough...

In the meantime, I must send you over to one of my favorite blogs, Warm Pie, Happy Home. One of those places that makes me want to hug the inventors of the Internet. :)

Picture: The Sledding Party by Robert Duncan,


Mrs. Rabe said...


How I enjoy your blog. I so appreciate your way of finding ways to be joyful and of being thankful....

I adore Cardinals in the winter, what beauty!

I hope you are resting and getting better.

Blessings on your day.

ru4real? said...

I hope the warm lemon tea will help you escort that old head crud to the the door ... along with it's packed bags, so that it has no need to return! Enjoy your rest AND your beautiful cardinals.

Cherrie said...

I love reading your blog! Hope you get feeling better soon!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Well, darlin', I do love Ruthann and her beautiful home, but I love you and yours, too. Thanks for sending me along over there, but I'm back now to say that I hope you're feeling better and that the lemon and honey thing works. I was reading somewhere that thyme and honey also works. Here it was on December 7:

Angela said...

I'm must about ready to make myself a tea...Praying for a quicker recovery..

Even though your 'down in the weather', your spirit is strong and joyfilled..((hugs))

Debbie in MI said...

Even when you are sick you have such nice things to say. You are such a blessing.

I hope you are snuggled up with a cozy blanket, your tea, and watching a dvd.

You are in my prayers. Hope you're feeling better soon.

~Bren~ said...

I hope the tea and honey make you feel better. It is freezing rain here and we have our errands run and are settled in.
My dad shares your mom's birthday. He turned 72 yesterday. I think he was 1 when Pearl Harbor was attacked if I am not mistaken.
Yes, cardinals are a wonderful sight in a white yard. We have several cardinals this year. Normally we have 2, a male and his bride, but this year there are a few couples.
I love RuthAnn's blog too, but yours is just as wonderful!!!

Bernideen's TeaTime Blog said...

Cardinals aren't indigenous to Colorado but they are my home state bird -- Virginia! Lovely blog!

nanatrish said...

I pray you are feeling better. I took your suggestion and hopped over to Ruthann's. Her place is so beautiful. I can see why I don't have anything like that....I would sit up all night and look at it. hahaha. She seems sweet too. You know what though, I love your place Brenda. It is so pretty and you have wonderful taste also. I haven't even started my decorating or shopping. I still have some time. Maybe this weekend I will get with the program. The hot tea is great for you. Get some more rest. luv ya, Trish

Anonymous said...

I have been lurking and enjoying your blog tremendously. This is my hard month and having a peek into your world has reminded me that "joy does come in the morning." Thanks for the reminder!

For the throat, while it sounds quite nasty, Nannie Faith used to recommend this mixture:

1 T. white vinegar


1/4 c. honey

Shake well or stir. Take one t. every hour until the throat is soothed.

While it is quite, um, challenging to take, it eliminates the inflamation in the throat and causes the ears to drain. While it is tempting to drink something to wash away the ... bitterness... don't. Let the honey coat the throat and the vinegar relieve the inflamation.

Be well!


Abounding Treasures said...

What a delightful post Brenda!

I would be thrilled if a family of cardinals was nesting in my yard, but alas, I've only seen them in pictures.

I always enjoy my visits to your blog and so enjoy your writings as you share your delight in God's abundant blessings ... whereever you find them!


hmsclmom (Debbie) said...

December 7th was my grandfather's birthday also. Every year since he has passed away I get a little sad on his birthday.

Praying that you get to feeling better real soon.


the voice of melody said...

Yes, what a blessing that you're able to enjoy the beautiful cardinals. I hope you're feeling better soon. :)

Shan said...

Dearest Brenda,

I always love coming to your always make me feel cozy and thankful.(Your banner is darling!)

Since you are not feeling well, please stop over at my house for tea, I will snuggle you under layers of blankets on the old sofa near the fire....I am hosting the start of my Holiday Home Tour. I have a Vitorian Farmhouse and will be posting various photos in the coming weeks. I would so love to have you visit:

Yours so very kindredly,

P.S. Is that RuthAnn too cute or what? Her house is just lovely and I am inspired by not only her decorations but her spirit as well!

Kelly said...

Brenda, I'm sorry that you have not been feeling well, either. I hope you, too, are feeling better.

I drink a lot of warm tea with local honey as well. And extra Vitamin C during cold and flu season is a must.

God bless you.

Jewels said...

Coming by to check in and catch up. So sorry that you've been so sick, Brend. That's great that you've made your way through and are beginning to feel better. Do take good care and rest up as much you're able. The blog looks so beautiful. Sending love and a big gentle hug ((Brenda))
yes, oh yes, 'tis true :o) I was wonderin' are you my friend in spite of, or because of, the fact that it is??? :o);o)

Mrs. Staggs said...

I have that book, and I enjoyed it very much. It's one of those quiet sort of books, that doesn't seem like much, but it tends to stay with you for awhile.

I wish we had cardinals here. I saw one one time, when I was driving in Pennsylvania. There were fields of sunflowers growing on both sides of the road, and a cardinal flew by. It was such a glorious combination. I'll never forget it.