Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Checking in... Tuesday night

Okay, who is my old friend from Muscatine? I could guess.... :)

I have survived two very busy (and long) days shelving books that the students have sold back to the store. It is always fun to see people I haven't seen since earlier in the semester but the days are loooong.

Lunch is provided, which is nice because it is free but that means a ten minute break instead of a full half an hour. But like I said... it is free. Free is always good.

I'm feeling much perkier tonight than I did Monday night, where I came home and warmed up vegetable beef soup I'd made on Sunday and then... crashed! I was getting ready for bed by 8:30! I think tonight I'll be able to make 9:30. :)

The driving weather has been horrible with not only snow but lots of ice, both yesterday morning and then driving home tonight. I had to go about 20 mph most of the way home and snow had changed back to freezing rain which kept collecting on my windshield wipers. More bad weather is in the forecast the rest of the week. Yuk.

Click HERE for Nigella's "Perfect Roast Potatoes Recipe". I'm going to try it soon but without the goose fat. I'm not into goose fat. Must be a British thing. She cut 1/3rd of the peeled potato off at a slant and then cut the remaining 2/3rds in half at a slant, too. She says this gives more surface for the potatoes to develop a good crust when baking... in the goose fat. I'll use some peanut oil, I think. No goose fat.

Now I must wash up the dinner dishes before brewing some hot tea and unwinding a bit. I also need to pray my boy home. He has a final tonight and a long drive home (in the same snow turned to ice I had to drive in much earlier).


Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Sounds like you guys are having some icy winter weather. It's been rainy here in Georgia. I'm glad you are feeling better and were able to work. That's neat that they give you lunch. We are having our Christmas luncheon tomorrow and I look forward to it. I pray Christopher will take his time and be very careful. Your vegetable soup sounds good.

ru4real? said...

So glad to hear that you are making your days at work and still have a little energy to spare. I am praying for your safety as you drive in the yucky weather and for your health, strength, and attitude as you bring light and salt into the workplace this week.

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

Just said a prayer for him too....and you be careful also.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brenda,

You take good care on those roads! It's icy here this evening. Proceed slowly while driving and praying for loved ones still en route are wise and caring choices.

Thank you for sharing your ever-uplifting spirit. Your writing evokes similar feelings of gratitude found in the writing of Paul. I sense joy and profound gratitude in your words - no matter what circumstances you are currently experiencing. One cannot help but feel cozy and comforted upon reading your posts.

Another Nigella fan,

My New 30 said...

Hi! I saw you post at the Hillbilly Housewife blog and thought I would pop over. When I read the earlier post about the tea and toast, I wondered if you had been looking over my shoulder! The other day I was reading and decided to have some tea and toast. Mine was actually the Celestial Seasonings Sugar Plum Spice holiday tea with not one, but two slices of cinnamon toast!! That is too funny. Your blog is just beautiful! I'll be back to visit again.


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Have you ever tasted goose fat, Brenda? I think it sounds strange to Americans (I think of poultices of goose grease for the sick in pioneer days) but when I've lived in Hungary I've bought it for cooking and to spread on bread. It's snowy white and delicious with it's own distinct flavor. But I don't know if one can actually buy it here, or not of the Hungarian quality. We are going to PA for Christmas and my son-in-law is German and since his family always roasted goose for Christmas, that will be our dinner's centerpiece. I am sure it will be delightful, unlike the really dreadful tasting goose I tried to roast once long long ago! Keep trying not to overdo it this week. I know you are surrounded by the prayers of many many people.

cottagethoughts said...

Ha! Karen is sneaky!

Georgia wrote on my wall on facebook to see if I could email Karen your information...so I also sent her your blog address, thought she would enjoy reading...!!!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

No wonder you're exhausted if you're traveling in those kind of driving conditions. White knuckling it always does my nerves in. You're tucked in my prayers, Brenda. (If you get a chance, come see how well I followed your recipe directions today. ;>)

Thanks for the recipe and the instructions. Now that makes good sense. Definitely no goose fat for us, either!

Anonymous said...

You sound so busy lady..I do enjoy this part of my day..have you guessed who Iam yet?? We were so close in muscatine..easy drive, and our grown kids went to the same "country" school for awhile,till you moved..I love crafts,we shared so much fun with those, and cooking,getting warmer?? I let you do some more guessing.."Love you and your family very much"

Kelly said...

We had that same awful weather yesterday as well. We had to go out for a basketball in that weather, and I was glad when we returned home.

Heather said...

I've been thinking about you and wondering how your family fared in the storm, as we have had the same conditions. I am thankful that we have not lost power yet, and my hubby made it to and from work fine. We even went to homeschool gym - main roads only! May the Lord bless you with strength and safe travel - even getting the mail is a trip on days like today!

Heather L. said...

I love roasted potatoes!! In fact, I'm off to make some roasted potatoes/sweet potatoes/onions for dinner. I've only tried the goose fat once -- well, it was duck fat, because I'd cooked a duck. I have to admit that it worked like a charm. I agree with you though, I wouldn't be purchasing the stuff.

She'sSewPretty said...

I hope you are doing well tonight Brenda. Just the thought of driving on ice scares me to death! Take care of yourself and try to keep warm!