Friday, November 21, 2008

Pantry Talk - Now is the season for stocking up!

Have you seen some of those sales going on at the grocery stores? I've been looking through the sales fliers and drooling.

I've been reading a lot of economic news online lately. There is great debate over whether we are heading for inflation or deflation (or both). The latest 1% decline in prices is not as good as it sounds. As Christopher (who just finished Econ last semester) reminded me, prices usually go up in a Recession and down in a Depression. Hmmm...

On that cheery thought, they do seem to be in agreement that food prices are continuing to go up. So there are lots and lots of reasons to deepen your pantry. Not the very least of which is this... it is insurance you can eat... and the prices are good for many items right now.

I so often remember listening to the generation before me talking about foods that were hard to get in the Depression and WWII. Things like sugar and coffee.

As for us, hubby went to another food pantry this morning and brought home more canned goods. This one was from the Salvation Army and they had a lot more healthier options than others. We are thankful for everything.

I used some of the venison we had been given this week. My friend had told me to try the venison meat that can be sliced into steaks, which I did. I marinated them as she suggested and they were quite good!

Don't forget to feed the pantry this week and perhaps get an extra turkey on sale for the freezer. :)


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Funny that you're the second person to mention buying a second turkey for the freezer. I think that I'll do just that. Wish that they didn't take up so much room! :D

the voice of melody said...

Great advice! Our local supermarket has been having a lot of great items on their "buy one get one free" weekly specials. I always try and stock up on things that I do use on a regular basis.

Many sweet blessings!

Anonymous said...

I was pretty stocked up before the holiday sales flyers came out. I sure did notice some very good prices in them though! Seems with the prices going up it is hard to figure out what is the rock bottom price anymore. You've got to update the price book oftener now a days! I got took on a few things I'd gotten a little earlier. I had gotten them almost half off and then another store beat that price later!! ;) Things we could always depend on being store buster prices every holiday are not even advertised. I have always tried to make finding bargains for the famlie's needs a game. Trying to outsmart our budget and the jumping food prices. I once read in one of the Tightwad books or her newsletter Amy said that even if she had to live even cheaper than she ever did she could as there are always more ways to cut back when you get our mind to thinking. I love to watch people in the stores and when I see them checking all the prices and such, I ask them if they know of such and such store in our area that sell food Very low. Chances are they do not know of ones I do but know of one to tell me that is new to me!! We are all in this life together and need to stick together and help each other every way we can. A smile is always free. Jody

Anonymous said...
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lady jane said...

Recently I won a grocery store gift card for a turkey. Lizzie and I went to pick it up and noticed that turkeys were going for $5.99 each! These aren't Butterball or other fancy types and that's all right. We paid (over the gift card price) 1.98 for two turkeys (11 pounders)!!!

Walmart and Target have some excellent food deals going on and last weekend Rocky went with me to stock up. Totally worth it. My pantry is bursting at the seams, praise God!

Come December he'll be receiving a $50 Walmart gift card. We'll be using it for food at the Super Walmart. Then in January a $200 gift card for the same place.

Target has a deal going on for Starbucks coffee packages. Buy 2 and receive a $5 gift card. At the current sale price of $7 that's actually a good deal but the Gold Coast Blend was $3.44 a package. We spent $1.88 for 2 packages of Starbucks :o)

neato. :o)

lady jane said...

I'm sorry the anonymous poster left such a scathing post, Brenda.

Without knowing your financial situation she made a judgement that severly lacks in kindness, wisdom and Christian love.

Bless you.

Anonymous said...
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Suze said...

Shame on you, "anonymous" 1 and 2.....if you disapprove of something someone is doing, keep it to yourself. You don't have the right to judge, nor do you have all the facts - you are quick to condemn, just like the Great Accuser himself, Satan. How about pulling the log out of your own eye?

Violin Mom said...

I am thinking that that 1% drop in consumer prices is really all about gasoline. Gasoline has dropped 50% in the past month alone. That is pretty extreme. I haven't noticed any other prices decreasing overall, other than ordinary sales and low price leaders. So maybe it has nothing to do with an oncoming depressions, and everything to do with cheaper gas. Anyway, I am impressed with your pantry, and you have inspired me to deepen mine, too!

Anonymous said...

Right now turkey is .29 pound! You can bet I will be stocking up!! I have our Christmas ham in the bottom of the freezer purchased when they were ridiculously cheap!DMV