Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Moon Shines Down, a book review

This is the first book I am reviewing for Thomas Nelson and what a book to start with! It arrived just as I was leaving to pick Christopher up from work on Friday and I was able to peruse it while sitting in a warm car with the engine running (as it is still not starting from time to time) and a cold rain was hitting against the windshield.

I fell in love.

I agreed to review The Moon Shines Down mainly because of my deep affection for Margaret Wise Brown. At my daughter's wedding reception... in a silver frame... at her father's place setting... were the words to Goodnight Moon. A memory of dozens and dozens of bedtime readings when one little girl asked for the same book every night from her Daddy. :)

The story of this book and how the manuscript came to be found in an attic is located at the front of the book. It is based on the New England sampler "God bless the moon and God bless me". The illustrations are by Linda Bleck and they are absolutely beautiful. While vivid in primary colors, they provide quite a vintage feel to the prose.

This is also a large picture book, approx. 11 x 8"... so the pictures really stand out.

The book takes a child around the word as children (and a few interesting animals) are getting ready to sleep.

Here is one excerpt:

The Moon shines bright,
On this Christmas night.

A Caroler sings
By Candlelight.

In my neighborhood,

The children dream

Of puppies, peppermints, and pretty things,

On this Holy Night
all is right.

And here is another:

I see the Moon and the Moon sees me,
And the Moon sees the children
In Zimbabwe
And all over Africa, In fields and Plains,
Children dance in summer rains.

Sigh... this is a delightful picture book, one any child would love to receive as a Christmas gift this year... and even a few Grammies would love it. :)

For more information, here is the Thomas Nelson product page for this book.


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Oh wow...this does look charming. Thanks so much for the review. I think this one will find its way to my grands' bookshelf this Christmas.

debbie bailey said...

I love Goodnight Moon as did our children. I didn't realize she had so many books until I saw them in a bookstore. I usually order online, but we now have a Books a Million in town. We're going there after church tonight to cruise the stacks. I'll be sure and look for this one. Thanks.

Gumbo Lily said...

I'm very fond of Margaret Wise Brown and this one looks like another that I must add to my library. This new Grammy is excited to know of another book to share!


FatalisFortuna said...

This book looks sweet! The main thing I wanted to comment about was your music, though. I ended up with a lot of tabs open at once and couldn't figure out where the music was coming from, so I just let it play, and it was gorgeously soothing. I checked for the song when I figured out which tab it was, and it was the Bach playing. Like an unexpected breath of fresh air. :)