Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Warm & cozy in from the rain

We were experiencing beautiful weather yesterday morning so I was outside working on the necessary seasonal yard work (this time pruning hedges). Out of nowhere it started pouring down rain and it really hasn't stopped much since. My there is a raw chill in the air! It is suppose to warm up later in the week, hopefully giving us enough time to complete all that must be accomplished before cold weather sets in.

This is a rare day where Christopher has a morning class and an early evening class so he came home to do his design homework on his computer in between the classes. That gave me the idea to have our big meal of the day at lunch so he could enjoy home cooking for a change. I made one of his favorites (Holiday Spaghetti) and served it with broccoli (not one of his favorites but he'll eat it). Hubby and I will have something very simple for dinner.

I also made our favorite Amish Pumpkin Bread with chocolate chips... one large loaf for the freezer and eight mini loaves to be enjoyed now. If I remember, I found that recipe in Country Magazine in the 1980s. Some may remember when an Amish housewife used to write a diary each month which included recipes. This was one of them although I later added the chocolate chips. I use approximately a three to one ratio using whole wheat flour that I grind here at home with a little unbleached white flour. The fiber and the healthy pumpkin makes it a good snack for the guys.

Tomorrow morning I plan to do the same with cranberry bread, making a large loaf for the freezer and the mini loaves for the family to enjoy for awhile. I can bake both bread pans at the same time, just taking the pan that makes eight mini loaves out after twenty minutes and leaving the large loaf pan in for a full hour. I'm hoping to have a few quick breads available in the freezer when needed.

I was telling my daughter recently that using my bookstore money last year to purchase a deep freeze was one of the best investments I've made. I have the medium size (there was a little guy, a huge guy, and a medium Mama Bear size) that works well given the space where it is located. I was able to purchase meat, frozen fruits, veggies, bread, etc. when on sale and freeze them.

This month is extremely tight financially as I have about $40.00 to purchase milk, eggs, and such for the entire month. It's been a real test of my pantry and freezer but so far, I've had what I've needed as long as I keep meals simple. I'll replenish and hopefully even deepen the pantry further when possible.

I found it very interesting this past week when I was listening to a discussion of the economy by a group of experts. It was asked what the average family should invest in who can't afford over $800.00 for gold. The answer? Canned goods! Actually, I was surprised to find all of the men agreeing it would be a good idea to purchase extra food, clothing, etc. for they believed eventually we will see much higher prices and even hinted at shortages (although none would actually say we would see shortages, it was more "wink, wink" situation).

Hmmmm... perhaps mothers and grandmothers do know best? :)

Here is the link where you will find the pumpkin and cranberry bread recipes.

And... here is the link for the Holiday Spaghetti and my mother-in-law's chicken rice casserole recipes.

I do so apologize that I haven't been able to answer e-mails. There is so much to do here at home right now but I should be able to take mouse to hand soon and spend time chatting with you who have written.

Now, to do the dishes... always dishes... and laundry... but that is a good thing, right? I thank God for the food and the clothing.

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freetobeme - Anita said...

You have delightful pictures on your blogs. They're so warm and inviting!

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

You've made me hungry..your breads sound so so good.

Heather said...

I was thinking about making pumpkin bread with some of the puree I made yesterday ... alas, I have no energy!!! Maybe tomorrow!
It does feel so good to have a nice stock of good things to eat on hand. Do you get your eggs from a farmer? We buy eggs for $1.50 and milk for $2.50 a gallon directly from the farmer - with hungry growing children, it is such a blessing!
I pray that the Lord will miraculously spread out your resources until you have more $$$ in your family coffers!

Susie Q said...

The bread sounds so good...such a wonderful post today! It has always made me feel *safe* to have a bit of a stockpile on hand. Especially in the colder months. I have extra flour and sugar, canned goods, baking supplies, paper products, etc squirreled away in the storage room.
I envy you the freezer! i would love to have one here!


Manuela said...

I'm very happy that we have a freezer too! It's a good investment! I made pumpkin cookies last week and froze a bunch. I take two or three out and microwave for a few seconds to have with my afternoon coffee now and then. I've been making a low cal/low carb pumpkin custard almost every day - so yummy hot or cold!


Becky K. said...

I just love anything made with Cranberry! That sounds so delightful. Isn't it great that treats don't have to cost a fortune today? We can cherish our time together and the fruits of our labor. Thanks for the reminder.

I received the Sally Clarkson Book and CD series in the mail today when we returned from our vacation. I want to peek in them and take some pictures. I'll be sure to share about them. I think Sally's words of wisdom and experience are so worthwhile.

Thank you for sharing with me...

Becky K.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Invest in canned goods? That's about the truth, too, as they are quite pricey these days.

The pumpkin bread with your added chocolate chips sounds just great. I've not heard of adding chocolate chips before, but it makes me want to try my recipe with some.

Anonymous said...

<< If I remember, I found that recipe in Country Magazine in the 1980s. Some may remember when an Amish housewife used to write a diary each month which included recipes. >>

YES!!!! I used to almost squeal when that magazine came in the mail!!!
Gosh, what was her name? Thinking...thinking...Something Miller...Emma Miller? I'm almost positive her first name began with an E.

Amanda said...

I must tell you again how much I enjoy your blog ~ I don't comment very often, but I am always so excited to see a new post. You always provide me with food for thought and I appreciate the wisdom of a Titus 2 woman. (I am older than your daughter, but I have young children.) I have not yet been able to find that flesh and blood Titus 2 mentor, but your blog serves that purpose for me right now. Thank you!

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Our weather has turned cooler and my baking hands rejoice. Pumpkin ANYTHING delights my crew. I believe I have a cookbook compilation of that amish woman's recipes/articles -- very entertaining and delicious, too. I'll have to check my "Amish Cookbook" section (yes, I have enough Amish books to have history, cookbook, and fiction sections in my home library). I always enjoy your posts about the Amish. Someday I hope to visit Amish country for myself, but until then I shall content myself with books and blogs. : )

Nancy said...

Pumpkin bread with chocolate chips sounds yummy. I put raisins in some of my loaves, and that is good too

Yes, a freezer is a wonderful investment, and can save a lot of money when stocked with sale items.
Today, I found 85 per cent lean hamburger on clearance for $1.49 a pound, and chicken breasts for $1.59 a pound for my freezer. My food budget needs all of the sale items I can find!

Lovella said...

Ah .. .there is nothing like the scent of pumpkin bread from the oven. . enjoy. .and I hope you get all your yard put away before the winter really sets in for you.