Friday, October 10, 2008

Tea and Daughters

My daughter has started another blog. Hopefully she can keep up with this one since the children are all a little older now. The picture in the header of her blog is of my Hobbit looking out at the ocean... just too cute. Head over and give her an encouragement if you want, her blog is Cottage Thoughts.

Since I was asked how to make a perfect pot of tea, here's what I do.
  • Start fresh, cold water boiling on the stove
  • Place very hot tap water in my tea pot
  • When the teapot is starting to sing, pour water from pot
  • Place loose tea in pot (usually one teaspoon for each cup plus one for the pot)
  • Or, place one tea bag of good quality tea in pot for each cup (HT & Harney & Sons teas require one bag for two cups)
  • Pour steaming water into pot for black tea
  • Let water set for a minute or so and then pour in pot for green and white teas
  • Steep according to directions or your taste (I usually steep black, green, and white only two minutes but I bet the Clarkson's steep theirs a lot longer since they like strong tea)
  • Take out tea bags or pour tea through strainer
  • Reuse tea bags once if desired or put them in your compost container if you have one
  • I only add Splenda but one can add milk, sugar, honey, or lemon (never lemon with milk)
Added for clarification: The tea kettle is on the stove boiling water and the tea pot is what you steep the tea in. :)


There are lots of places online to learn about tea. If I weren't on my way out the door soon, I'd give a few but off hand I suggest Brenda Hyde's tea page because it has many links you can follow.


Suze said...

I'm sorry. I'm having a brain-dead day. I totally don't understand your directions. You put cold water on to boil, but you fill your teapot with hot tap water? What pot are you referring to - the one that had the fresh cold water in it?

I am truly having a VERY frustrating day - everything I touch or look at just goes awry - so please don't take my post as a criticism in any way - if it sounds cranky, it's just because I'm close to tears from such a frustrating morning. So bear with me - does everyone understand your directions and is it just me??? If so, it's just part of today. If I weren't at work, I'd be at home with the covers over my head.

your daughter said...

I wouldn't have understood before either if I hadn't heard you explain it place COLD water in the tea kettle that boils on the stove...HOT tap water into the pretty teapot that you serve tea from...when water comes to a boil you pour out the tap water from the (hopefully pretty) teapot, fill with tea or bags, and pour in steaming water...right??? :)

Suze said...

Ahhhhh - now I understand. You are getting the teapot ready to stand the boiling water. Thanks!!
By the way - the day has NOT gotten better - thank the Lord I go home in 2 minutes - and I swear I'm getting under the covers and calling it quits on today.

rose_michelle said...

I use hot tap water too, but let it run for a while because the hot water will knock loose the bacteria and particles stuck on the inside of the pipe.
I also bre tea using that technique. Don't know where I learned it.

sweetmemorymakingmom said...

I love this post. I love tea. I also think how you store you teacups is so creative. I love it. I should do store mine that way. Looks like they are more safe that way. Have a wonderful night. hugs, Ellen

Anonymous said...

That tea sounds so delicious and perfect on a cool atumn day.

Kelly said...

Thank you for this post. I love tea, but never knew the proper way to prepare it. I can't wait to try it.