Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A little bit of this and that

I need to find a pretty picture of a person running errands, the first of which is one she didn't intend having to do. I don't think any pretty pictures of such exists. Remember my perfect day? Well, one thing "not so perfect" was when a tire on our "newer older car" went flat in our driveway (thankfully, there and not on the road). We took it to the tire place today and realized what we had feared... it could not be fixed. So, there was almost $200.00 spent that we weren't expecting.

However, as I told my husband when we were sitting in the waiting room, I am very thankful this happened when we had just received the paycheck from our two weeks of work! Yes, we had other plans for that money but at least we had it.

Before leaving this morning, I printed off the two new Laine's Letters received through e-mail and tucked them in a folder. It was nice to be able to read and absorb their wisdom while ignoring the sound of The Price is Right blasting from the waiting room TV. Although I did get interested enough to cheer for a little old lady who won.

Actually, my mind has been on Christmas presents recently, in spite of the 90 degree temps... which hopefully are a thing of the past. We've had a cold front come through that will drop temps into the 40's tonight... perhaps I should put White Christmas in the DVD player! Anyhoo, I was so excited to find a brand new box of expensive Dayspring Christmas cards at Goodwill for 99 cents. We don't send out a lot of cards so that box of eighteen is just enough.

I've found lunch boxes on clearance for Elizabeth, David, and Faith... which is not easy at times when one doesn't want under dressed pop stars or some other latest fad on the front. David's was easy but I had to choose which one to give to each girl and Granddad picked the same one I did for each... so that made the decision a good one. Each soft cover lunch box will be filled with whatever goodies I can find between now and then. Last year I did the same, only with backpacks for each. Baby Matthew, who is now toddler Matthew, is still too young to need such items. What I lack in money for gifts, I try to make up in creativity. :)

I brought out most of my autumn decorations yesterday, although the picture above is from last year. I need a very sunny day to get good pictures in the house and we've had rain (or at least the chance of rain) now for a few days. Autumn decorations fit in with my Early American - Primitive Country - English Country decorating so easily. In all the boxes where I store autumn and Christmas decorations, I place scented candles in among everything else so when I open them... ahhhh, the aroma of that particular season fills the room.

Now I need to pop a roasting chicken in the oven, surrounded by potatoes and carrots, to be ready for a late dinner this evening. It will be transformed into chicken noodle soup tomorrow, when our temperatures are to be quite cool.

Oh... be prepared for another give away at the end of the week... especially you homeschoolers. A friend has donated a book and a wonderful CD (she didn't know when she sent it that it is my favorite of all her conference CDs!). So all of you who appreciate Sally Clarkson as much as I do (and that is a lot), check in about Thursday-ish for details.

I must start dinner or we'll be eating chicken for breakfast.

Picture: Last year's autumn decorations


Carol said...

I'm so sorry to hear you had unpleasant comments on your post. I have always narrated mine because of it....have never had any bad ones yet, but...you never know!

Anyway...I've read your blog for quite a while now, and it's listed on my blog in my List Of Favorites!



nanatrish said...

Your Christmas cards sound like a great find. Your chicken sounds so good. I think it's sad that people would live such ugly comments. You are an encouraging person and try to educate us always.

Susie Q said...

What a lovely post and dear Brenda. I am so sorry you have also had to deal with those nasty people out there. Thank you for your very dear comment to me about *my* recent nasty encounter. : )
It seems to be such an easy thing to respect one another, to be understanding of how each one feels or believes. sadly, so many never see that.
I thought all your recent posts were just wonderful.


Lyn said...

Hi Brenda,
Sorry to hear about the bad stuff (I didn't get to read them, maybe that's good). Although I don't agree politically, I think it's not.so.cool for one's comments to be mean-spirited.

Maybe it would be helpful if people try to "agree to disagree". We're all different kinds of folk, that's for sure.

Instead of a drink I'll toast you with a piece of chocolate. :) Here's to peace.

postmodernMom said...
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Anonymous said...

When my youngest boy was a toddler I bought him a small pencil box, lunch bag, and small backpack. I put a small coloring book, crayons, stickers, notepad, small toy, a bag of gummy candy in the pencil box. The lunch bag I used to pack snacks in for him or a lunch when we would run errands or go to the park. The small backpack had books and toys in it. He also had a small blanket for the car. He took it everywhere and loved it these things were helpful when we no longer needed a diaper bag. Thank for the reminder of such a fun time in my sons life. I hope it gives you ideas.


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...


That is a GREAT idea!