Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A belated award thank you!

Knock, knock... looking around the corner carefully to see if the world is a safe place, again. No pies in the face or anything.

Sigh, thank you for your very kind e-mails and comments. I have even had lovely e-mails from people who didn't agree but who were so respectful and polite... just as the Body of Christ should be.

Two weeks at work and one week trying to catch up around the house has put me behind with necessary blog "stuff" again. I do want to thank Mindy at the Peaceful Corner blog for this delightful award. The recipient is suppose to name six things that make him or her happy. Let's see...

My family... those with me now and those who have gone on.
(that's kind of cheating but I think of them as one group)

Sasha here at home and my furry best friends who are waiting for me on the other side.
It wouldn't be Heaven without them.

My house in the country, truly a gift from God.

My first mug of coffee in the morning and Pumpkin Spice Latte the entire season.

Tea in fine china cups.

A really good book.

And... I'll add a number seven Who should be first... He who is the giver of all that makes me happy. :)

I could name about so many people who would deserve this award but I'm picking only one (as I usually do).

I have come to really enjoy reading Mennonite Girls Can Cook and it truly is a creative blog. It gets me in the kitchen creating!


Trish said...

thanks for the award...the MGCC gals

Judy said...

I'm another one of those 'mennonite girl cooks'...and just popped over to check out your blog. Most lovely...I'll be back!

And thanks for the award.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Congratulations on your award...very well deserved, Brenda. I love the time I spend here reading.