Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday morning at home

Finally! A day when I don't have to go anywhere at all. I know I promised e-mails recently but "life happened" these past two days. I've been dropping Christopher off for work and picking him up at 5:30 (with errands mixed in such as stopping by the county library yesterday to get a few books I've had on hold!). Then we've spent time after work the last two evenings looking through a sports club.

His gym membership at the tennis club where he took lessons ended this month. He has to be in some kind of a regular exercise program to help the asthma and allergies and we all agreed another year at the tennis club would not be wise (he's not making any sport a priority for finances this year). It is fairly close to the community college but about twenty-five minutes from home (in good traffic). There is a very nice sports center just a couple miles from us, part of a research complex (a wise investment to build one there). We figured it was much too expensive but he stopped by a couple days ago and they made him an offer he couldn't resist... literally. :)

They waved the $200.00 joining fee and his monthly costs will be nearly half what they usually charged. Part of this came about when he explained our financial situation... his Dad is on Disability and he has to earn whatever he spends. That's why they waved the joining fee. The special monthly rate is what they are offering to attract new members. They have a lot of long term members (which I can attest to as I sat in the parking lot!) but due to the economy, they aren't getting many new people.

We are so happy he felt "led" to look into this as it is cheaper financially and a far superior place than the tennis club... and on the way home each day! He still has his boxing gloves and bag in the garage to work on when he can't get to the gym. This sports center also has a great swimming pool (which is good exercise for asthma) as well as medically trained staff on hand. They've already put the fact he has asthma in the computer! I've reminded him a few times that by giving up drinking soft drinks, that will more than pay his monthly fee.

If you haven't tried that peach pie recipe, everyone in my family is giving it high praises. My husband is very careful about his sugar intake (because of the allergies) but he had two big slices that first evening! I had half a slice yesterday morning and a few bites this morning. In the cookbook, the contributor said it was the best pie he had ever eaten and I'll say it is at least the best peach pie! Come autumn, I plan to try the same recipe with apples and a good amount of cinnamon & nutmeg.

I have requests coming in from friends at the bookstore for specific baked items. I've told them I'll bake as I am physically able. I'm going to make a Texas Sheet Cake on Sunday (aka: Tulip Time Brownies). They have also requested my lemon cake and pumpkin cookies. They have offered to pay for the ingredients but I declined because I don't want to be obligated to do any baking should I be too tired. I already have almost everything I need, anyway. I have sent a message back with Christopher telling them I'd accept someone purchasing me bottles of water next week! :)

Thanks for letting me know that is a pot holder in the last post. I think it is SO pretty. Unless I feel a specific, umm... leading... toward Goodwill or a garage sale, I won't be doing much shopping for the remainder of the summer season. I love pretty things, especially when I can get them at such a small expense. Except for items that I hold dear to me because they are sentimental, I quite often will share good buys with my sisters (and everything in the end belongs to my kids!).

I'm hoping Jean visits again in the autumn, she loves those kinds of Christmas ornaments so I'm going to make up a special box just for her. I think it will be very important for her to get away from home this year (as a new widow). Bonnie was an antique dealer and I'm always looking for inexpensive "gifts" for when I visit her (which isn't often enough since we live in the same town). Earlier in the year, I took her a Coca Cola tin I'd found at Goodwill for $2.00 and to her it was like gold.

As for me, I'm usually on the lookout for specific items like teacups, vintage linens, books, and madeleine pans. I really, really want one or two madeleine pans but they are way too expensive at the kitchen shop. The nonstick version is nearly $36.00... not on this budget! However, these are the kinds of items one can find at thrift stores and garage sales because people buy them and then they don't use them... hopefully. It just takes patience and looking for them. I've wanted to make them ever since Stephanie was visiting and gave me one she bought at Starbucks (they are sold in a package there).

I have been reading Surprised By Joy by C. S. Lewis. I'd skimmed it a long time ago when I brought it home from the library but this copy (purchased at Goodwill) is mine so I can pick it up and read it as I have time. Such a great book! Everyone who enjoys reading Lewis should also read this book, it is foundational to understanding the person he became. Although, last night I was looking through a copy of an old Victoria magazine instead of reading Lewis. A mental vacation...

Now I'm off to do some "little by little" housework. :)

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Maggie Ann said...

I love my madeleine pan. I first saw the cookie on Victoria website...a pretty thing and scoured every store we went too for a madeleine pan to no avail. While down south hubby bought me one at Sonoma-Williams. Now that that heart's desire is fulfilled I cast a longing eye at their mini cakes pan...about 36 different designs in one pan but wonder dare I risk a weight gain if I have 36 darling goodies around?!