Thursday, August 14, 2008

My scrapbook journal

I'd promised a friend of mine that I would show her how I created my scrapbook journal. So... since I'm already doing the work... I thought I'd make it a blog project. :)

A page from my original scrapbook journal

All pictures can be enlarged by clicking on the photo

I've seen so many ways people put together their journals and each is individual. I know Cheryl doesn't cut out her pictures ahead of time and file them like I do. Kimberly has two journals, one that is portable! It has to be personal so it can fit within each person's schedule.

So, I've included links to a few other blogs to show how they put theirs together (including Jewels' original link since she is now back)! They will be at the very end of the post.

Another page from my original scrapbook

I actually have two journals, the first being this one I showed awhile back. I've kept it for years and it is all favorite pictures, poetry, etc. I have everything in it, from beautiful still life photos to favorite rooms. It is an actual scrapbook, purchased many years ago at a fabric store.

I still add to it, especially the larger magazine pages that do not stand up well to being cut. My original post about it will show up when you click on my Scrapbook Journals below.

First, I find beautiful pictures and prose from gorgeous magazines. Here are a few I like to use. I spent many a Winter evening propped on my bed and cutting out pictures last year. I'm not much of a hoarder but I do tend to hang on to magazines that I love (they are stored in vintage suitcases in my family room).

So... I had lots to choose from. I cut mine out ahead of time since I tend to get fatigued very easily. It's a good downtime project. Then, when I have the energy and desire to get creative and write in my journal, everything is ready.

I keep everything I need together... scissors, little X-acto knife, adhesives, etc. They're in the vintage baking dish. Yes, I do tend to get the color red in just about every project.

The pictures all get filed in the file folders where they most belong (some could be filed under more than one but I choose where I'll probably use it most). The file folders are the kind that have their sides sealed. I think they're called pocket folders at the bookstore.

Some of the file headings are: Spring/Easter, Summer/4th of July, Autumn/Thanksgiving, Winter/Christmas, Vintage looking decorating, Flowers and Gardens, Vintage Kitchens and Dishes, Tea Time and China, Words and Prose... there are more but they slip my mind right now.

I keep the files all together in a wicker basket. My scrapbook journal, which is a spiral artist's sketchbook that I've covered with contact paper, is often with my Bible. The vintage baking pan stays in my closet or next to the chair where I'm working.

I glue or tape (double stick) pictures in for about the next ten pages or so, ready to go when I am. Most often when I get some free time in the morning...

Here is an example of a page already finished. I put everything in mine from prayer requests, to seasonal "To Do" lists, to books I want to read or that I am reading, recipes, letters to be sent... anything that can be written down. I used it a lot when planning the graduation open house and what to pack for our vacation.

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Raewyn said...

Ahhha... I just left a comment on your "New Look Same Brenda" post, so imagine my surprise when I clicked back to your blog only to find a new post that wasn't there a moment ago!

To move on to the actual post now: Thank you for sharing, Brenda. It's always lovely to have a little peek into your life through your pictures. I have started something similar, but it is not a scrapbook journal.

I got the idea from a lovely book by a lady I know, called 'Tea with the Saints'. She talked about having a a scrapbook/home journal in which to write about seasonal plans, recipies, gardening and such.

I started in a simple notebook, but hope to have something more 'offical' soon.

I also have tons of magazine cuttings, but they are fashion ones, so I must start a seperate scrapbook for those!


P.S. I feel so proud, being the first to comment on your new post! :D

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

There's a reason I just love this girl! :)

Storybook Woods said...

Your scrapbook looks wonderful. I need to pull mine out. Thank you for the inspiration also of joining in on the Tasha Tudor day. Clarice

Heather said...

Beautiful post Brenda! I used to do scrapbooks of home design ideas long before we ever owned a home - I look through them now and realize how 20 years has changed my perspective so greatly! Thank you for reminding me of the joy of this kind of journaling - maybe I will rescue that stack of magazines from the recycle bin after all ...

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

very beautiful, and very inspiring, Brenda.....I have an online private journal which is a completely different thing from this scrapbook idea. And I have lots of magazines to cut up if I can bring myself to do it. I think I should.......Thank you!

Marqueta said...

What lovely inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing these with the world (I found your site through Eyes of Wonder, and I'm so glad I did!)

Have a wonderful day,