Monday, July 21, 2008

We are not alone

I am even FARTHER behind on e-mails. I do apologize for those waiting to hear from me. Hubby was on the computer part of the weekend and most of today. He did let me on to post the two recipes but looked over my shoulder so I would hurry. (I want to post more recipes soon.)

He is working on our financial papers to submit to the USDA (to lower our mortgage a little), my clinic (to lower how much I have to pay per visit), and to apply for food stamps. I don't have a problem asking for help when it comes to survival. :)

Christopher had a wonderful time on the Kentucky-Indiana border. The trip gave the young men an opportunity to get to know some of the older men in the church better. There is such bonding that happens out in the heat and humidity of.... um... battle.

He is going on a trip "out East" at the end of August. One of his friends will pick him up on his way from Iowa City and they will share the driving as well as gas expenses. Part of me wanted to tell him not to go but the other part is happy that he will finally meet online friends that he has known since he first met them when he was about twelve.

This is the last time most of them will be at a particular convention so if he is going to meet them face to face, it has to be on this trip. He's the youngest of the group at age eighteen and a few have already graduated from college and are beginning careers. This group not only became his only friends when we were in Detroit but they taught him all about the computer, including how to build one.

Their names are now like members of the family. Well, such names as "the guy who used to live in Japan", Brain Wave, etc.

This will definitely be a budget trip, they are all staying in one hotel room and they don't plan on eating very much the three days. All of them are either going to college or just getting out of college so none have money. :)

It still amazes me how we can get to know people over the Internet. I have friends that are closer to me than my sisters and we have never met in person. Then there are people like Stan & Holly Deyo and Sally Clarkson who have become friends because I first "met" them through their books and online. The closest I've come to meeting Sally is when two of her kids stayed with the New England Contingent when they were traveling through New England a few months ago. Someday we WILL have tea together!

When hubby and I were going through a very difficult time, before he went on Disability, the Deyos offered for us to stay with them awhile which was very tempting. Hmmm... both of these families are in Colorado. Beautiful country. Oh well, they don't have corn fields in the mountains. The women of my Christian forum have become like family to each other these past ten years. We have gone through many difficulties and trials together.

Now, in only two years of Coffee Tea Books & Me, I have met more wonderful friends. You all are such a gift to me. Thank you for your kind words and friendship. I love receiving your comments and e-mails and I do hope to answer them this week. I have to go back to the clinic tomorrow but if hubby is finished with all his computer work, I'll be able to write in the afternoon.

I loved the quote from Shadowlands that we "read to know we're not alone". That is what blogs bring to each one of us... we are not alone.


~~Deby said...

I too love the comraderie and encouragement as a Christian woman that I have found, especially thought blogging, but it started before I started doing the blog thing..from Christian groups I was in...
I am thankful the way the Lord will bring many of my bloggie buddies needs to mind for the opportunity to pray for them or encourage them.....
Your blog is a blessing.

Anonymous said...

Oh Brenda, I just enjoy the togetherness I have found by reading other people's thoughts. I have learned so much from you and others like you. I am glad that the internet can be used as a way of making the world a bit smaller. Your blog is such a blessing to me. Thank you for posting and sharing bits of your life.

many blessings,


Becky K. said...

Your writing is so conversational I just love it.

If your son is coming to Lancaster county send me a note...I'd get our church ladies to make up some food.

Take care. I hope all of the money saving requests work out for your family.

Becky K.

Iva said...

I think it's wonderful that we can all connect online, though blogs and email. Our circle of influence has quadrupled as a result. I love all of my friends that span the globe. I will never meet them (this side of Heaven, at least), but they are precious to me none the less.

Diane said...

I was fortunate to have my in-laws (my fil was Hawaiian and my mil is Samoan) sing the Hawaiian wedding song for us. It made for a very special memory.

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

I am so glad Christopher will be getting to go on a trip with his friends. I would never have dreamed I would become so attached to my blog friends. One just passed away yesterday and it has really upset me. Kristy Dykes of Christian Love Stories. She was a Christian romance writer and her husband is a pastor. It has been a journey since November when she found out she had a brain tumor. They have had so much love and support and he has continued to blog when she has gotten too weak and sick. She is with the Lord now and better off than we are. Yours was the first blog I ever read and hers was one of the first ten or so. Please pray for their family.