Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday evening check in

I'm drugged and it feels great. :)

Actually, I'm on rather intense pain killers because the dentist wanted me to go on antibiotics for the next few days to make certain it is safe to remove the tooth on Monday. He was going to remove it today but decided it would be safer to have me on the antibiotics before touching the abscessed tooth.

I shouldn't have talked to him about Bobby Darrin dying because he didn't take antibiotics before having dental work done.

He wants to do a root canal, a crown, and the whole works. I said just pull it. My daughter agrees with me... just pull it.

I'll be glad to return to a normal life... however you define normal. I don't complain at all about giving myself shots a few times a day but I've been a real baby about this pain.

Both the guys are staying up late reading.

I can barely keep my eyes open to type.

And to think these things are legal.


Anonymous said...


Relax and let the drugs work! I went through the same thing you are going through and I also said...pull it! and they did :)

Oh what bliss it is to have no pain, lol.

Hope tomorrow is better...


Linds said...

Out is good. Sleep now, and Monday will soon be here.

Manuela said...

Monday will be here before you know it! Glad you are able to take care of it. What a sweet daughter and SIL! The health of your teeth/gums are directly linked to your overall health so it's something that should always be taken care of.

Take care,


picketfencemom said...

Hoping all goes well...A 'bad' tooth is misery! Prayers going your way!
BTW, I really like the photo of you and your husband and son. Very nice!
Have a blessed weekend!
Amy O.

Anonymous said...

You just get to the point where you say, "Pull it or shoot me." I so understand. I hope all goes well for you.


Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Brenda, thank the Lord you are on the road to getting it well. I work in the medical field and I for sure know that abcessed teeth can be very dangerous if unattended. I agree with you, let them take it out. Then you won't have to worry about that booger anymore. I'm so glad you have something to help with the pain. Love ya, Trish

~~Deby said...

I am relieved. You NEED to be on the anti's before he pulls or would do is risky if he didn't do it that is infection...
Enjoy..the la la land...I am sure it is a reprieve from the pain.
I have been there, more than once...
Praying for you..

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

So thankful you've got relief from the pain.

Anonymous said...

You poor dear!
I had a root canal and crown last year, something I never thought I'd need. I had heard horror stories of root canals, and I was absolutely terrified-we're talking shaking, uncontrollable anxiety, etc.
While the emotional trauma was awful, (completely self-induced, btw) the root canal was a breeze-no pain, no trouble AT ALL. The crown was the same. It was all in my head!!
So, be encouraged if you end up having those done. :)

Anonymous said...

You'll be having dental work on your BIRTHDAY??! Well....maybe it will be a good thing. I guess if it were me, I'd rather visit a dentist on my b-day than continue to be in pain.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Brenda,
I am so sorry for your many issues. I always laugh at the extent to which we share life. I have dental issues, too, but am terrible at taking the time to call a doc or dentist until it is desperate! Don't know if you got my last comment as when I sent it, my computer crashed. I will be praying for you. Blessings to your wonderful daughter! Love and prayers coming your way today.
Sally Clarkson

Susan B said...

Brenda, I'm glad that you will be having your tooth pulled, and will be out of pain. I know how painful a tooth can be! Hope the medication continues to keep you pain free through the weekend. Rest as much as you can, and take care of yourself. Be praying for you. God bless!

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord you are on an antibiotic. Last year a friend of ours died from an abcessed tooth because he did not go and get antibiotics soon enough. He was only 49 and left a widow, a son and a daughter who are still grieving such a senseless loss. If only... You can never be too careful in these matters. I'll pray for you.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Oh phew! I am glad that you've been to the dentist and that you're on nice meds. I went the "pull the tooth" route a few weeks back and I'm very glad that I did. Take care, Brenda!

Maggie Ann said...

Brenda, I hope you have relief soon from your pain! I had an abcessed tooth, which temporarily cleared up with antibiotics. Two dentists, one a specialist told me to have it pulled. I got a third opinion, he said it had healed itself and he did a procedure & I haven't had trouble since..or so far anyway. It was expensive though and we do have insurance of sorts. Whatever your solution, I hope it comes soon. hugs...

Mary said...

Good morning Brenda, I do hope you are feeling much better today. Dental work is so expensive even with insurance. Take good care of yourself, your hubby and son are big boys and can feed themselves for a few days. Rest and let the medicines work. We are all thinking of you and praying for you. God Bless!!


Lallee said...

Antibiotics is the way to go. It's OK to be a baby when you have intense pain. So glad to see you are now getting some relief. Enjoy the drugs ;-)

Hugs to you,

Terri said...

Hope all goes well at your dental appointment!
God bless.

Linds said...

It is Monday and your birthday, so I am here to say that I hope that tooth is history by now, and that you are having a Very Happy Birthday! I am sure getting rid of it must be the best possible present for you! Enjoy your special day!

Anonymous said...

Oh you poor girl, Happy Birthday anyway. I hope you feel much better now and that you can eat birthday cake, Cheers, Eileen.