Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A pantry post hopefully this evening

There is a genetic deficiency in my family. I inherited it from my mother and my son definitely has the defective gene. My daughter "kind of" has it but I think she's better than her brother and me. What is the defect? We have absolutely no sense of direction. No... our inner compass does not exist.

Which brings me to why I haven't finished the next pantry post. Christopher went to the movies with a friend last night and it was dark when he drove her home. He called to let me know he was leaving the movies and he'd be home in about... oh, forty-five minutes (since she lives way out in the country).

He arrived home around midnight. Thank God for cell phones. After he dropped A. off, he started home with a map she had drawn and directions, along with the assurance that it was "easy". Ummm... not when one has a defective inner compass. He was so lost that he didn't know what part of the county he was in. I think he may have gone into the next county because she told him later he went 20 miles in the wrong direction. I don't want to think how much gas was wasted.

Now on his behalf (and mine), these are roads surrounded by forests and farm land. There are no towns and for the most part, no lights. Since some of the roads are close to the river, there is also a foggy haze (which there was last night). It gives new meaning to a "three hour tour" (only Gilligan fans would understand). He arrived home two hours later than he planned and nearly three hours after the movie.

He asked that I stay up until he arrived home and "KEEP PRAYING"! So... I am trying to go about my daily tasks today with major sleep deprivation. He has a mid-term this morning. My only comment to all of this was to ask him to never go out on an evening before his early class the next day.

I can't say anything about getting lost, having done it so long that the stories are stuff of family legend. (I do have to say ending up in parts of Pennsylvania on the way home that we hadn't planned on visiting was my husband's fault at reading Google maps wrong!). However, I once got lost driving in my hometown, which at the time had a population of around 800 people.

All this to say, I haven't even begun to work on the pantry post today... even after three cups of coffee.... my eyes are droopy and my brain is fuzzy. Well, fuzzier than usual. When I wake up (and it may be after getting a full night's sleep tonight), I will work on the next pantry post.

Photo: Woman knit lamp; allposters.com (I bet she was waiting up for her teenager, too.)


GrammaGrits said...

I once heard Warren Wiersbe say he could get lost in a phone booth, so you're in good company - ha! I, too, have no inner compass but thankfully my husband and children do! God bless you.

Simply Heart And Home said...

I'm glad your son made his way home. I have an awful sense of direction so I can relate to the predicament.

I hope your coffee wakes you up!



Daughter of the King said...

Think you all need a GPS....
I too would have stayed up...you know us moms'.
Get some rest, this is blogland, you are the boss of your own blog...we will be here when you wake up...

Heather said...

Oh Brenda - I have literally gotten lost in a large stadium bathroom - I so hear your 'genetic defect'! Time to pray God blesses you with a GPS or simple dashboard compass! They are so very helpful. My children tease me terribly about my lostness - and they pray while we drive to unfamiliar places. They keep hoping we'll get so lost that we have to stay the night at a hotel --- with a pool of course!!! Too funny!

lady jane said...

I'm so thankful your son made it home! How wonderful he had the forethought to ask you to pray. :o)

I know a lady who calls herself "Wrong Way Rene".

freetobeme - Anita said...

Oh yes, you need a tom-tom! It really is a life saver!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that your son made it home safe. I understand completely how disturbing it is to await for your loved ones arrival. I am in the process of trusting more and relying more on Him.



Susan B said...

I'm thankful to hear your son made his way home safely! Poor thing. My oldest daughter has called home before, having gotten lost at night, heading down the wrong road. My husband was on the phone, with a map, guiding her home! Like you said, thank goodness for cell phones. I hope you sleep well tonight!!

I love the picture you used with this post.

Maggie Ann said...

My kids once told me I couldn't find my way out of a paper bag...well, they are almost right! I have my little routes I drive and I quake in my shoes to see a detour sign.

Firefly Nights said...

Do you have any pawn shops in your town? You might find a GPS there cheap. Maybe even at Goodwill, but they seem to go more to pawn shops. Maybe there's one at a reasonalbe price that would be helpful for your family.