Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One of those days

Oh my friends, I am so miserable. I know I should see a dentist but right now, finances don't allow such things. As it is, hubby and I spent another hour at the clinic this afternoon working with them on our unique financial situation to see if we can cut the amount I have to pay. It was worth all the time, though, as we went from having to pay 100% (and on disability, too!) down to 50%. They are billing us for my office visit and lab work at the reduced rate.

I know I am not myself right now. Hubby walked in the family room today and found me pointing at Fox News and crying, not able to do anything but blubber... hurricane, tornadoes, CORPUS CHRISTI, BEEBS!!! My online "friend who is more than a sister" lives in Corpus Christi and we have gone through hurricane watches before but never without me talking to her first. (Beebs is a nickname I call her.)

Then I got online and I'm sniveling because The Pioneer Woman's dog has not been found and is presumed... well... in Doggy Heaven.

Sometimes all it takes is a little thing to send one over the edge and for me it was this darn tooth-gum infection. I am leaving for the pharmacy in a few minutes to purchase some of that cream I used to use for teething babies. Last night I was thinking how I completely understand why people do stupid things like get in the car and head for Mexico for drugs promised to heal them! Don't worry, I'm not going to do that. The price of gas is too high right now.

I am heading to Wal Mart, though.

So I have nothing wise to say at all right now. Instead, I'll have you mosey on over to Sally's Clarkson's blog because she is brilliant today! (Well, every day but especially this post...) I absolutely am convinced we have to be related... except that brilliant part.

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lynda said...

I am so sorry! If they can get you in at the clinic to the dentist- they have a great dentist. Will they do a referal? feeling sick and this weather-heat is enough to send you. I always dream of snow in late July.

cheri said...

Our dentist ( a Christian) would frequently provide services for people who could not pay. Perhaps your pastor could help you find such a dentist.

Or one who would barter for something you could offer?

Continuing to pray for you...

Kelli said...

I am praying for you, Brenda. I know how awful tooth/gum pain is. ((((hugs))))

Rita said...

Please find a dentist that will take care of this pain. Many will work with you I have one who will. I've had tooth pain many times and it never goes away without treatment. My dentist is in northern Indiana if you can make it there she will take care of you. I will pray for relief.
Take care.

Niki RuralWritings said...

So sorry to hear your unwell! I hope all will be resolved soon.

Keeping you in prayer.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

It isn't about the pain, Brenda. It is about the infection that is causing the pain and is going into your bloodstream and also affecting your diabetes. You just can't tough this one out, you must see a dentist. I bet you can find one who would treat you for nothing, or for very little.

I am sorry to sound so extreme here. Please forgive me. I am praying for you, too.

Iva said...

Can you go to clinic and maybe pay based on a sliding fee scale?

I pray you feel better soon!

~~Deby said...

For someone who has suffered HORRIBLY with dental issues, weven with dental care..I am praying for healing on this for you..this makes you miserable..I know careful probably need to get on antibiotics..
Praise the Lord for you disabilty change...

Heather said...

I'll be praying for you - I've had 5 root canals and 3 crowns since our Storyteller was born - as well as gum surgery twice and the blessing of not one but TWO sets of wisdom teeth removed (I'm one in 10,000)- any kind of tooth/gum/mouth pain is really hard to ignore! Have you tried oil of cloves for the infection - it really helps, but is bitter as gall. Do follow all the good advice here and I'll pray that the Lord will lead you to a compassionate dentist! Take care!

Sharon said...

Brenda...A little something awaits you at my blog~Sharon G.

Anonymous said...

Dear Brenda,

I am so sorry you are feeling so poorly :( I hope that the cream will help you. I'll pray that you will feel better soon.



Alison Boon said...

There is nothing more likely to make you misereable than toothache. I am in total sympathy with you and wish you a speedy recovery, a win on the lotto or a very compassionate dentist. Cheri's barter idea is great, it might just be worth asking. Positive thoughts out there that you get healing and resolution soon.

Diane said...

I agree with Kristi, you should get treatment ASAP! You most likely need an antibiotic. What about the emergency room?

In my state it is against the law to turn anyone away (FROM THE ER) due to inability to pay.

I'm guessing most states have similar laws???

I will continue to pray for you!

Hugs & Blessings,


Linds said...

Is there a dental school somewhere close by? They may treat you for free. The students are closely supervised, I believe.

Oil of cloves should help,Brenda, but Kristi is right - it is what it is doing to the rest of your system which matters.

I am praying for a solution for you.

Midge said...

The only way to stop the pain is get the tooth filled or pulled. Check to see if there is a denisit with a heart program in your area. They offer there services for free.

I am praying that you find someone that can help you.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Dear Brenda, It's me again. I don't know if you realize an untreated dental abcess is life threatening. I remember my father telling me - after a man had walked in with extreme pain in a front tooth which my Dad treated with antiobiotics for several days before pulling it out - that in the late 30s, when my father was in dental school and there were no antiobiotics available, the man would have died. Even pulling out the tooth would not have saved him. Now I don't know for sure that you have an abcess, but that is what it sounds like. (If that's the case, hot liquids in your mouth will probably intensify the pain and cold may help.) This is nothing to fool around with, being brave. I am praying for you.

The person who mentioned oil of cloves is right, this is an old medication for EXTERNAL APPLICATION which will help the pain. But the pain is the least of your worries.