Thursday, July 17, 2008

At the end of a long day

I spent four... count them... four... hours at the doctor's office today. I was SO happy to finally leave that clinic. It always takes awhile but this was unusually long and I have to return with more proof of income statements. I have to see the doctor again in a few weeks. They are rather concerned about my arm and what is causing the pain, especially since it is getting worse. I'm to try a medication first so I didn't have to pay to have it X-rayed today.

He is changing my long term insulin for the first time since I've had to take insulin. It will take about six weeks for my Lilly Cares (for my short term insulin) and the new one to go through all the hoops and such but it is worth it for me to get it free. Since it was my own fault I waited so long (I had to cancel my last appointment), I will have to pay for it out of pocket before then. Thankfully, I have plenty of the more expensive insulin left.

Christopher is heading to the southern part of the state tomorrow evening for some kind of paintball event with friends from church. Our pastor made them all sign release forms even though they are all eighteen and over. Oh, that really made me feel good! It has something to do with how paintball is played and that it can be rather dangerous and... He's borrowing equipment from a friend. Oh well, once the new school year begins he won't have time to do anything but study so a little fun now is not a bad thing. I hope.

We are baking in the midst of a heat wave so I think he is crazy but that never stopped teenage boys (or men... come to think of it) before. Hubby is out mowing the last third of the lawn from when he had to stop two nights ago. He is hoping it is a little cooler (cool being a relative term).

As for me, I'm not going outside except perhaps to run one errand tomorrow (has to do with that proof of income statement). I'm now going to find something cool to drink and sit under the ceiling fan while I curl up with a book and perhaps a cat. No, forget the cat. She has long fur which is fine when it is 32 degrees outside but not in summer. At least Sasha is not like Storm, who used to curl up on TOP of me when I stretched out to read a book. She was not a very big cat but fur, heat, and humidity just don't mix.


Manuela said...

Ooohh 4 hours! I hope they find out whats up with your arm pain!

I sent you a email a few days ago. Did you get it? I didn't check to see if you had a new email addy. I just used the one I already had.


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Four hours? Yuck. Will be in prayer that the root of the problem is discovered and dealt with. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you poor dear! Four hours! I hope you get some answers about what's causing your arm pain.

I did a double take when you mentioned it was OK to snuggle with the cat when it's 32 degrees. That is HOT... here in metric Canada. ;o)