Thursday, June 19, 2008

A tribute to Tasha Tudor

There is a beautiful tribute to Tasha Tudor
Gracious Hospitality.

Photo: Early Winter by Tasha Tudor


Manuela said...

I've been a long time fan like so many and I was shocked to read of her passing yesterday. For some reason I thought she'd go on forever! She really had a wonderful life and it's really great that she was able to live on her farm untill the end.


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Is that our Manuela? Yay for a sighting!

I read this yesterday at La Tea Dah's and I, too, was saddened. But with a life well spent, I guess that I should really be joyful instead. What a wonderful lady and an amazing life...

Heather L. said...

Thanks for pointing us to Gracious Hospitality. I hadn't heard the news yet of Tasha's death. We love her books so much.

Linda said...

I'm going to take a look at the Tasha Tudor post. I just love her.
Thanks for you sweet comment Brenda.
I'm taking that Devotional book a little at a time - it is so "Rich"!
Have a blessed week.

nanatrish said...

What a woman of beauty! God blessed her with such a wondeful gift! Thanks for sharing the tribute.

Terra Hangen said...

Thank you for the link; here is what I posted there:
I love Tasha Tudor.
Years ago I splurged and bought the fabulous "Tasha Tudor's Garden" book, full of color illustrations of her and her heavenly gardens.
Oh the sweet peas and the blueberries and the little girls in old fashioned pinafores and six foot tall foxgloves in the secret garden.
What a true lady. I believe Heaven's gardens are flourishing today with her gentle touch.

La Tea Dah said...

Brenda, I keep thinking of lilies growing wild in the ditches. Amazing! I'm trying to imagine it and think it must be so beautiful! Any ditches we have around here would be edged with sagebrush or grasses, so lilies sound very special to me! I sometimes have foxglove growing in my garden (it's hard to keep from year to year; a bi-annual that doesn't keep reproducing in my yard). On a trip to Seattle once I saw it growing and blooming along the roadway and thought it so amazing that it grew wild.

Happy day to you!

smilnsigh said...

What a wonderful person. What a wonderful life.


Jo said...

Oh my goodness... I haven't looked upon one of her paintings in ages... as usual, your blog is beautiful and inviting. I hope you've been doing wonderful!