Monday, June 16, 2008

Left with a lot of work...

The Windy City
We will borrow the name for awhile

I normally like to wait until Monday evening to post anything new, leaving the Sunday Afternoon Tea "new" for as long as possible. However, once I start working today I'm not certain there will be computer time later this evening. Do leave a book recommendation on the Sunday Afternoon Tea post if you like. I'll be watching for comments all week and pointing them out as the days go on. We could all use good recommendations for reading!

I was working on the computer late yesterday afternoon when the lights started flickering off and on. I've never seen the electricity act as it did, usually it just goes off without a warning. My husband was in the garage and he thought I was turning the lights off and on to get him to come in the house! I was able to push the button on the computer during the few seconds it came back on (I'm certain those kinds of power surges are not good for computers, even if they are hooked up to surge protectors). I unplugged our computer, my son's computer (he was at a Bible study in town), and the TV.

I should have been watching the little TV as we were under a moderate risk of severe weather. With the trees fully mature now, we can't see the western sky or storms approaching from that area. Which, of course, is where many approach in our part of the world. All of a sudden we were hit with hurricane force winds that seemed to come out of nowhere. The sky was sunny one moment and black the next.

We have one big branch down, sitting on a small tree next to the fence line... hoping there is no damage to the fence. Another big branch fell down across the entry to the gravel lane. I called Christopher on the cell phone (moving to the country was our decision to pay the money for cell phones, we didn't need them when we lived in town) and told him what was happening and to be very careful when he turned onto our lane. He said the lights were out in town, too. His Bible study teacher decided this would be a great time for a prayer meeting even though at least one young man (mine) would loved to have gone home once it was safe. So... instead of a Bible study, they were having a prayer meeting... in the dark. As it turned out, our neighbors had cleared the big branch from the road by the time he could get away. I asked him why he didn't just leave but you know... guys just don't do that.

We are left with a lawn full of smaller branches to pick up, as well as leaves sticking to everything (on the deck, on windows, and the front porch). I was sipping my second cup of coffee and talking to Christopher before he left for work this morning, while perusing the damage. Nothing serious, thank God. When one lives with this many trees around them, one learns to pray for strong angels to protect them. :) But the decluttering of the outside will be added to cleaning the house and baking projects... getting ready for a crowd on Saturday. Monday is laundry day, too. Hubby plans to mow today so I know what will take priority.

Sigh, instead of thinking of the extra work, I am going to be very thankful that there was no serious damage done, at least from what I can see. That was some fierce wind blowing through. Which reminds me, I must remember to plug in our NOAA Weather Radio the next time there is a possibility of bad weather. That way, it would not have been a surprise. I usually just use it if we are under a Storm or Tornado Watch at night.

I did "survive" work on Saturday. I was asked if I minded working in the Textbook Department. I loved the idea, since it is one of the few places one can sit at least part of the time. Christopher was concerned that I hadn't brought a book with me (as Textbooks in the Summer can be like Siberia and one finds themselves with no customers). I must have looked at him rather funny because we were in a bookstore. Even if most titles have something to do with Calculus and Thermodynamics, an experienced Textbook worker knows where to look... the English and History Departments!

I found a C. S. Lewis book almost immediately, The Abolition of Man... found in the English 120 stacks. The first chapter is the famous "Men Without Chests" essay. I was able to finish it and get a little into the second essay before we became busy. As I read it, I kept wondering what had taken me so long. Here this essay (and I assume the remainder of the book) spoke to my very concerns about modern education and it was written in the middle of the last century. I kept thinking about England's evolution from the home of many great Christian leaders to a post-modern country today. The roots are explained in this book, as the change was in full force. Great book! I'll have to read the rest of it someday.

I was quite tired when Christopher and I arrived home (he works every Saturday). He left to "work out" and I headed for the sofa. :)

Now... to work here at home!

Added: I'll write more tomorrow about Stephanie's wedding open house and what I'm fixing for Saturday.

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Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

I love finding "timeless" books. Will have to check out the essay by's not one I've heard of before.

La Tea Dah said...

Very nice post --- I'm going to look for that CS Lewis book. Thanks.


nanatrish said...

You made the Lewis book sound so good. I must also find it. I love reading about your adventures. I think it's wonderful that Christopher is active in Bible studies and I know you must be so proud of him. I will be awaiting your menu for the party Saturday and I wish I could attend.:) Just pace yourself and don't forget pics of the yummy food.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are safe and didn't suffer any serious damage! I hope you can find some little rest periods in your busy schedule.

Linda T. said...

One of the things I love about Lewis is that he wrote brilliant essays and usually equally brilliant fiction that fleshes out his essays. We're reading That Hideous Strength with a group from our church right now. If you want to see his take on the ideas in Abolition of Man played out, this novel is the one to read. Stunning! (It's the last in his space trilogy, but you don't need to read the previous books to enjoy this one.)