Monday, May 12, 2008

A Puddleglum kind of day

Sunday was unseasonably cold, windy, and rainy. It mirrored my mood. The weather caused my head to pound and it seemed we had picked up some kind of a bug as an extra "gift" from the week at the bookstore. (All three of us had a fever.) I went to church alone, leaving just before the last song so I didn't infect anyone else. All I could think of was curling up in my warm housecoat with a good book and eating homemade chicken soup.

With that in mind, I stopped by my favorite grocery store on the way home to purchase two lemon pepper rotisserie chickens which immediately went into my stock pot after arriving home (having removed all the white meat and adding an onion to the water). Within a couple of hours, I had beautiful chicken noodle soup (and enough white meat left over to make a very nice chicken pasta dish this evening).

It's amazing how one's attitude affects everything around them. Even the kitty seemed a little on edge. I was perhaps the one in the most Puddleglum kind of mood. Especially as I looked at my weekly "To Do" list to find most of it "To Didn't"...

I met my friend, Linda, for coffee this morning... stopped by the pharmacy to pick up a prescription... went to Goodwill with Linda awhile... arrived home to find hubby had done the breakfast dishes... and generally felt my spirits lift a bit. When the mail came, the book I won from Susan P.'s giveaway had arrived... Becoming a Woman Who Pleases God. What timing, Susan! Gosh do I need a book like this right now. Thank you!

I was pondering today... what it is like to have Puddleglum thoughts and emotions. It doesn't happen a lot for I have reached an age where I know better how to handle them. Once in awhile I slip up and let them overtake reality, for my reality is not what my emotions say it is.

I've learned through the years that my Puddleglum side comes out when I've been neglecting my morning times in the Word and talking everything out with my Friend before meeting the day. When I'm paying more attention to my emotions instead of what He is telling me in His word... that is not a good thing. I know when I'm physically not feeling well, my emotions can cause me to think life is much darker and bleaker than it is in reality.

So I'm going to (finally) read a bit, maybe watch Ravi Z. on TV this evening, sip some tea, and perhaps let Pooh come out awhile. Yes, hibernating under covers and drinking tea... now that is a very good thing!

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Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Puddleglum days...that takes me back aways. Hope that your chicken soup and the time under the cozy blankets with your books set you right again.

Anonymous said...

I haven't ordered books thru anyone's blog before, but I just placed an order thru your widget. I hope I did it right-I clicked on a book title and went into Amazon that way-does that work?
You may be interested in the book I ordered. The title is "Polishing God's Monuments" and a friend just recommended it today. Have you heard of it? Read the review by Tim Challies at Amazon-it sounds like an incredible story and one I need to read right now so I can get out of my pity party.
I hope tomorrow's a better day for you! And for me. :)

freetobeme said...

Your chicken soup sounds so good! I can almost smell it! Hopefully your day will become brighter, is the sun supposed to shine in your corner of the world? It is here, thankfully.

Becky K. said...

We loved Puddleglum at our house as we read Chronicles of Narnia. Somehow as a read-a-loud he comes out comical. It is a great way to think of those days when we are just seeing the hard side of everything. It will now bring a smile to my face.

Becky K.

breaths of the heart said...

I have been blessed by browsing your blog! The book that you won sounds like one that I too should read! Thanks for being open and sharing your life!

Becky said...

Thank you so much for all you share here. I've just recently discovered you through a link from Copper's Wife, and I'm now going back to read through your archives.

I experience a similar thing when I dive into the day instead of spending time in the Word first.

I hope the week brightens for you.

Joy said...

Very neat idea with the little widget. I will have to come back when I have more time to spend. Love your blog and reading is a big passion of mine as well. I would like to add a link to my site for your blog. Have a great day!

Abounding Treasures said...

I just love the word "Puddleglum" and had never heard it before but it certainly describes days that I've had from time to time as well :o)

Your easy to do chicken soup sounds dee-licious!!