Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Teapots, cookies, earthquake insurance... and stuff

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A very sweet commenter mentioned the teapot in the previous post. It was a Goodwill find for just a few dollars. It was missing the lid but, of course, I immediately thought it would make a great planter. I had some silk greenery put back in the garage and I borrowed my husband's wire cutters to snip them so they would easily fit in the teapot. I may plant a vine in it... haven't made up my mind.

I have wanted a teapot with shamrocks on it as well as one to use as a warm weather centerpiece on the dining table... isn't it amazing how God provided both... and in my budget. (Linda, this is the teapot I told you about!)

It was also mentioned that I'm a diabetic and I bake cookies. I've talked a lot about this in earlier posts.

Yes, my ministry is baking... which has a bit of an irony to it. I wanted to become a pastry chef (once I wasn't spending as much time homeschooling) but that didn't work out after developing Juvenile Diabetes. I did, however, keep my baking for friends and family... one must do so when they have the spiritual gift of flour, sugar, butter, and eggs. Don't worry, I've been a diabetic for a long time now and have gone through two complete sets of nutrition classes... in Detroit and where I now live... so I know how to handle my hobby/ministry. :)

My husband did call our insurance agent on Monday. We've had the same agent for a long time and just adore his assistant. As soon as my husband told her who he was, she said she knew what he was calling for... earthquake insurance. He had a good laugh as she told him they had been inundated with requests. For my California friends... we can get earthquake insurance for about $40.00 a year. Of course, we won't be laughing if the "big one" hits the New Madrid fault!

I'm meeting my two friends for lunch... the "usual suspects" as I have called them here before... former neighbors from my old neighborhood... Sheila and Suzie. I'm glad we're meeting at Panera so I can have a bagel and coffee instead of buying a meal. Our gas prices have gone up to $3.66 a gallon and we all know what the grocery store is like these days... eating out has to be very cheap if done at all.

We did enjoy going to a favorite Chinese buffet for lunch on my husband's birthday. We have to go there when Christopher is not with us as he is severely allergic to MSG (as is Stephanie). It was a delicious lunch for less than $5.00 each (I do not know how they can continue this price but it fits our budget).

Now... off to lunch, I have so much lawn work waiting when I get home!


Adrienne said...

Your teapot find is wonderful. I have one that has a plant in it in my kitchen window. The poor plant struggles and manages to survive when I forget to water it! I'm off to water and fertilize the poor things! ~Adrienne~

dreamsbookstea said...

I love to bake as well, even though my sweet tooth leans more toward salt. I also bake way to much. I believe I do it subconsciously to share. My far flung friends are often surprised by packages of baked goods in the mail.

And you have me craving an asiago bagel now! It's been almost a year since I've had one.

Wishing you a beautiful day!

Cathy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Brenda! I see that you have some great looking recipes here that I will have to try out. My daughter just got a job at a coffee shop & brought a scone home the other day. I'm anxious to try your recipe!!

smilnsigh said...

The earthquake insurance price sounds amazing. I'm so glad.


Karen Deborah said...

OK not to be nagging. It's the nurse in me. If you are diabetic, and don't feel well, and have feet problems you can't eat sugar. Taking more insulin is a good way to loose your feet, go into kidney failure, loose your eyesight, develop CHF, it's really bad. Most people especially those who HAVE diabetes do not realize the long term ramifications of the disease, or being non compliant with their diets.
Check out Halleluah acres and see about natural deserts. That's it, that my speach and I won't bring it up again. Just don't want you to suffer. Not trying to be a pest.

Firefly Nights said...

The teapot looks very nice in its new use. For your baking, have you had any luck using Splenda for sugar-free items?