Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hurry over... or perhaps not

Fresh Fixins is having a give-away. I'm so late in posting this (got busy!) but there is still time.

You just have to click on over and leave a comment. Or don't leave a comment so I can have more of a chance of winning. :)

I am running many (many) errands today and tomorrow. Stock up days... I'll share what I did (and didn't) get for stocking up (recession proofing). I'm also having to spend some extra money this month for Spring Cleaning items and "lawn stuff". Next month I'll budget extra for some flowers to plant. So... that all leaves less for stocking up in these months.

Yes... it does seem like there is a lot of food in my freezer (posted below), doesn't it? Actually, it is only a mid-size deep freeze so there isn't quite as much as it looks like. It works great for a family of three.

I remember the freezer my parents had when we lived in the country and had a huge garden. I know I was a small child but my memories of that freezer was that it looked like a hundred feet long. :)


Carrot Top said...

Hope the errands went well today and that you're not completely exhausted.

I used to think the same thing about my grandparents' freezer! They had a huge garden and needed a freezer, but it was Goliath size in my mind.

Anonymous said...

Hello Brenda,

Thanks for the encouragement on stocking up! It is such a great idea, especially with a family of 6 here.

Have a wonderful day,

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Errands...yuck! LOL!

I have an award for you on my blog today. No strings attached!

Karen Deborah said...

thanks Brenda!