Saturday, March 01, 2008

Saturday morning at the book sale

I honestly did show restraint by not attending the Friend's Sale on Friday evening. My budget wouldn't permit such coveting at the moment. Instead I found my way there this morning, through melting snow and slush (at least melting on the streets and roads, my gravel lane is still an ice rink!).

I'm still feeling the affects of two bouts with the flu, one right after the other. That probably helped keep the amount I wrote out on the check to a minimum ($17.00 for a grocery bag full of books). I found some goodies, though.

Slouching Towards Gomorrah by Robert Bork. I've heard so much about that book but I'd never seen it before at a library sale. It has been placed on my shelves in the living room for now but I expect it will make its' way to Christopher's room eventually (perhaps when he finishes college and gets a chance to read for fun again).

Stephen King On Writing by... obviously... Stephen King. This is another book I've heard a lot of rave reviews about. As I skimmed it, I thought it looked excellent. I'm not a big King fan (I get scared enough walking in from the car at night) but he does write a good story. I was amused to find the book in with the fiction.

The Journey Home by Bill Bright. This is another book I've heard a lot about, written after he knew he was dying. You'd think it would be on the negative side. Not at all... lots of wisdom being shared in this small volume.

The Flower and the Nettle by Anne Morrow Lindbergh... another in her Diaries and Letters series. I think that means I am now only missing one of them. I first read the series (starting with Bring Me a Unicorn) in high school. They are still the best books I've ever read based on diaries and letters (Edith Schaeffer's two books of her letters are a close second).

Death By Design by Laura Childs. A trilogy containing her first three scrapbooking mysteries. I've heard mixed reviews of them but I love her tea time mysteries so I thought for $3.00, I'd give it a try. That's the most I spent on any of the books but if you do the math... three books in one volume... cheap.

A View from the Porch Swing by Becky Freeman. I believe I've read one of her humorous books before. The subtitle on this one is "Musings on a complicated search for the simple life". Yes... I can relate.

Where's Mom Now that I Need Her? I've seen this book many times at the library sale but always uh... well used. This paperback version was in great shape. I already skimmed parts of it and the recipes alone make this well worth the money. I can see why it is such a best seller for it not only contains good and simple recipes but many hints and advice that a son or daughter moving away from home for the first time could use (cooking, laundry, cleaning, etc.) I'll glean some good recipes and then it will be here if Christopher needs it... someday. If I know him, he'll just pick up the phone and call me. Actually, it would be a good idea for moms to put their own such book together.

Let's see, what else did I get? For my hubby, a book by Dee Henderson (The Witness) and one by Newt Gingrich (Pearl Harbor). Both fiction books that looked like he'd enjoy them. There was one series there that I'd LOVE to have and they were only $2.00 each but... alas... I was already near budget limits and since I already have an Amazon order for the Patsy Clairmont's tea book... I had to leave them for someone else to enjoy.

I'm almost finished Re-reading Education of a Wandering Man and I have The Tapestry set aside to start next. Well, to be honest... I have another stack of books because of the library sale. I think I'll read The Tapestry and one of the Laura Childs' mysteries at the same time. Or... perhaps instead of a mystery book I'll open the Becky Freeman book. Hmmm... perhaps I just won't cook or clean or drive anywhere next week and read them all. :)

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Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

An interesting collection of books you gathered.

I haven't read any but Stephen King's "On Writing," which I would agree is very helpful. Even though Stephen King can often be seen in my corner of the world, I have yet to actually read one of his books...too frightening for me. I have more enjoyed some of his work made into movies.

Have fun reading!